And So It Begins…

“So. Yes. Here it is. The very first post. OK. Right. Hmmm.”

That’s how I imagined my first line of my first posting of my first blog would go. Good thing I decided not to go with my imagination, it always gets me into trouble. First posting is hard isn’t it? You feel as though you shouldn’t just dive in with something awe-inspired and inspirational right out of the gate. Not that I’m expecting to say anything that would ever hit those dizzy heights anyway. I was given good advice from a pro: once the first one is out of the way, the rest are much easier. Let’s hope she’s right.

Well, I guess I can use this posting to warn you that, as the title of the blog states, I really just need somewhere to empty my fragile little mind of the odd things that scurry around in there. You may be able to take something away with you that will change your life, but more likely, you’ll just take something away with you that will require a thorough hand-washing. Whatever, please feel free to read, snigger, rejoice in the normality of your own life, and of course, post comments as you see fit.

It doesn’t really matter who I am, that’s not important; I could be your neighbor, I could be Jon Bon Jovi, I could be Eddie Izzard. I could even be a mixture of the three, Neighbor Bon Izzard. Those who know me, know that I’m not Neighbor Bon Izzard. Those who don’t know me, it’s probably best left that way – trust me.

OK, am I done? Can I now open the flood gates of inane rambles? Excellent.


~ by eddie on October 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “And So It Begins…”

  1. Well played. I am so excited you wrote. Though, if I am the “pro” to whom you were referring, might I remind you that I was traumatized by a policeperson who thought I was a lady of the night a couple of weeks ago??? Tragic. Welcome Neighbor Bon Izzard!

  2. Actually, I think he said, “You can’t land on the moon and say ‘Ooh it’s all sticky and covered in jam'”.

    Then again, I watch too many DVDs with wine and Murphy.

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