“Halloweenhead, Halloweenhead,
Head full of candy bags, costume shops and punks in drag,
Head full of tricks and treats, places where junkies meet.”

Halloween is very different here than back home. Or at least it’s different from when I used to do Halloween stuff – and that was a long time ago. Back home it’s mainly a kids thing, and the costumes are always something scary. But here – well, to start with, it’s an excuse to dress up in costume, regardless of what it is. The kids have their Halloween, and the adults have their own version, usually with slightly more alcohol involved, and a propensity to dress like a hooker – yes, even the men. And apparently, the dogs have their own version too.

I recently voted on a Halloween dog costume for anonymoushottie’s adorable pup, Murphy. While considering my vote, a little critter scurried around the back of my mind and said “Why is she dressing up her dog? Is that normal behavior? Normal even for her?” At this point, the critter was squished for asking such stupid questions. What could be better than dressing up your dog? Isn’t this one of the main reason we have dogs? In fact, why are we limiting this to just Halloween? My voting options were Dinosaur, Lobster, or Chili Pepper. So I cast my vote for the lobster. I did add a caveat that he would have to change his name to “Larry” for the day, as that is what all lobsters are called. Yeah, bet you didn’t know that. And I’m also trying to figure out whether Larry will have 6 extra legs, or if some of the lobster limbs are attached to his own legs. I’m probably over-thinking this one, huh?

I was pleased that I had cast my vote, but dog costumes and lobsters were now crawling around my mind. Late last night, I was sent a link to the previously mentioned lobster costume, and there, in all of it’s glory, was the costume I didn’t vote for, and the costume that I have now ordered. Yes, this Halloween, the most terrifying creature to walk the earth will be released on our neighborhood:

Crossersaurus Rex.


~ by eddie on October 12, 2007.

11 Responses to “Halloweenhead”

  1. Crossersaurus Rex! I love it. I think dressing up pets is a commentary of some sort on our yuppie, non-child wanting society (that I am especially pleased to be a part of – stupid moppet children). And dammit, I love my dog.

  2. I couldn’t agree more – and kids might be more fun if we could dress them up as a T-Rex for their entire life, and they looked at us with loving eyes despite the fact that we were doing this. That, and if we could leave them in a crate while we went out and got drunk every night.

    Dogs Rule.

  3. I want you to know all lobsters are actually named Pinchy, and the reason we dress up our dogs is partly because they’re infantalized. But it’s also because seeing a dog in costume is damn funny.

    Now, as for the adult response to halloween… that’s another blog entry. I wish people would put some real vigor into it instead of taking the easy out of a slutty/provocative costume.

  4. I disagree – all cartoon lobsters are named Pinchy, but all real lobsters are in fact named Larry. Murphy will be transformed into a real lobster, and hence will become Larry.

    And so your non-slutty Halloween costume will be…?

  5. Ah, the frankly unnatural and quite eccentric pastime of embarrassing oneself and ones pets by dressing them in the most camp costume one can find, and thereby removing their last chance of re-establishing their place in the animal kingdom and at the very least as the king of the street.

    Seriously, what must the other dogs think, there must be much pointing and laughing as Butch tries to wander with authority through “his” neighbourhood, dressed to impress, in a pink polka dot vest and woolly hat.

    Although this did get me thinking as to what might be the best dressed animal, given the chance for them to pick a favourite outfit.

    My money is on the Giraffe, I have always had a sneaky suspicion that from their lofty position they see themselves as the upper class….tea and crumpets at Tarquin’s in their finely pressed morning suits.

    Now the Camel, thats a completely different story!

  6. And I guess the giraffe would make the most use out of the “Big and Tall” store too.

  7. OK – I am not a loser who takes the easy way out and dresses like a slut on Halloween. I always build my own costume that I generally plan at least an entire year in advance (and I am already prepared for next year). So there! And Murphy loves being a lobster – so double there!!!

  8. Did anyone say you were, little miss defensive? Me thinks hottie needs a dwinky.

  9. What’s a dwinky? If it is sexual, then . . . I will consider it.

  10. If you want your dwinky to be sexual… then yes. It’s sexual. And it involves Ryan Adams.

  11. And I am in.

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