Skating On Deaf Ears

I’m annoyed. But it’s a conglomeration of annoyances, and I can’t figure out which one annoys me most. And that annoys me even more.

I’m annoyed that the Penguins just lost 5-4 to the Devils, and are now 2-3 on the season.

I’m annoyed that the referees, Dean Morton and Dennis LaRue couldn’t ref their way out of a paper bag. Six straight penalties on the Pens in under 10 minutes? Give me a fricking break.

I’m annoyed that I’m saying “fricking” rather than “fucking”. There, I’ve said it. Stupid, fucking incompetent asshats.

I’m annoyed that king of the asshats, Arron Asham, felt the need to punch Sidney Crosby in the face – does he not know that there are awesome dogs named after that kid?

But I’m most annoyed that absolutely nobody in this country really gives a flying fuck that I’m annoyed, because nobody cares about hockey here, despite the fact that it is the most awesome sport ever. In the entire history of awesomeness. But people will watch dull sports like baseball, where ‘success’ is defined as being able to get on base 30% of the times you try; that’s just rubbish. Or basketball, where overpaid convicts and rapists see how often they can fail to throw a ball through a hoop, all while being ‘outstanding role-models’ to a future generation of criminals.

And I HATE being annoyed, and that’s annoying me even more.

(I am happy, however, that anonymoushottie introduced me to the term, ‘asshat’ :D )


~ by eddie on October 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “Skating On Deaf Ears”

  1. Thanks for not making fun of college football. I may have shunned you. And, erm, hockey is neat??

  2. College football is very cool. Other than it being called ‘football’. Because, you know, the lack of using the foot on the ball. Other than the kicker. But everybody makes fun of the kicker.

    Please don’t shun me. I’ve had my fill of shun today.

  3. Asshat is truly a great word. It works in so many situations, and people don’t get quite as upset when you refer to them as an asshat as opposed to other names.

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