Crying For A Hero

I laughed today, and I laughed long and hard. And then I cried with laughter. And then I was in agony from laughing so hard. And this went on for a good two hours or so. And all of this was within the confines of my local coffeeshop/bookstore. They must think I’m crazy. I could explain why I was laughing so hard, but Anonymous Hottie has detailed it so well already, I’ll just link you across to her blog.  Which is an awesome blog by the way, and while you’re there, you should read more of her stuff. She’ll be famous one day, and you’ll be able to say “I used to read her blog”. Read it *here*


~ by eddie on October 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “Crying For A Hero”

  1. Hysterical! I am going to get fired.

  2. I think we might be hiring a limo so we can all go to hell in style, and of course, while getting drunk. Any takers for designated driver?

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