24 hours of “A Hallow33n Story”

The following takes place between 1pm Saturday and 1pm Sunday. To protect the identity of my friend, I will call her ‘Anonymous’ – yep, that works. Dialogue in “quotes” represents text message conversation.

13:00 – Anonymous begins her day of Halloween partying.

15:16 – Text photo message arrives showing Anonymous in her outstanding Halloween costume. Many giggles are had, and decide that Anonymous should go with the mohawk hairstyle more often.

15:23 – Second photo message is sent showing the costume in its entirety. Again, very cool.

*4 hours of silence*

19:37 – Anonymous: “I might d4e”

19:49 – Eddie: “Please try not to…”

*6 hours of silence*

01:21 – A concerned Eddie: “Hmmm, really hoping the death thing didn’t happen…”

01:23 – Anonymous: “I hjate fverooem”

01:25 – Eddie: “Hahahaha -” (yes, I’m an asshat) “I have no idea what you tried to type, but I’m taking it as confirmation that you are alive – although you may have had your fingers chopped off”… Secretly I was more concerned that she had died and had become a zombie. Zombies are notoriously bad texters.

01:26 – Anonymous: “Bah” … Still not convinced that she’s not a zombie, but sounding more like her.

01:29 – Anonymous: “Oh dear”

01:30 – Eddie: “Awww, honey. This sounds messy.”

01:32 – Anonymous: “I hjate everything” … has the zombie returned?

01:33 – Eddie: “Eek, that’s a lot of hate. Are you at least home? Or are you still out?”

01:34 – Anonymous: “Gtpome aod mad” … OK, so she’s either a zombie, or when she’s drunk she can speak fluent Swedish.

*9 hours of silence*

10:28 – Anonymous: “Ugggggh”

10:28 – Eddie: “She’s aliiiiiiiiive :)”

10:30 – Anonymous: “No. She’s definitely dead… Every inch of me hurts.”

10:35 – Eddie: “Damn, what were you doing???”

10:41 – Anonymous: “No idea. My texts are hilarious”

12:28 – Anonymous sends photo of her dog pulling a “Please don’t breath on me, Mommy” face.

And so, the 24-hours of Anonymous’s Halloween was complete. There was vomiting later in the afternoon, but I didn’t receive a detailed text description. I’m still seeking confirmation that she’s not a zombie. I’m not sure how I can confirm this. Hmmm . . .


~ by eddie on October 28, 2007.

6 Responses to “24 hours of “A Hallow33n Story””

  1. Yeah, that about sums it up. There was some drinking in the middle, at some point I cried, and I definitely spent way too much money. I love Halloween.

  2. Oh man. Fun Sized (eddie, you know her, she visited me this summer) just informed me of all of my crazy antics at the bar party following the trolley crawl. Posting to come soon . . .

  3. Heehee I just re-read this and it cracked me up again.

    Man I was drunk.

  4. This always cracks me up on so many levels.

  5. I also re-read “Cancer Boy” and oh dear we are hilarious.

  6. I think Cancer Boy is possibly the funniest thing that the internet has ever seen.

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