Snake Wars: A New Hope

Um. OK, so a few days ago, we discussed snake wars. I was very much in favour of such a war, but after much discussion, and listening to reasoned arguments, by the end of the comments, we officially called off the war. Mainly on the grounds that snakes kill stupid people, and one thing the world really needs right now, is to get rid of a lot of the stupid people. End of story? Well, no…

The next part of the story evolves from the fact that I’m a little obsessed with blog stats. Stats in general really. Yep, I’m a dork like that. But this mini-obsession has led to a very interesting discovery. Blog stats inform you if people arrived at your blog via a search engine, and if they did, what the search terms were that brought them there. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered that, since I posted the original ‘snake war’ ramble, I’ve had multiple hits on a daily basis from people searching for “snake war” or “snake wars”. This has intrigued me to the point of wanting to know exactly why these people are searching for such reptilian hostility. Are they looking to start a snake war? Do they think that one is already underway? Why are people searching for this?

So, for the few of my blog regulars, please feel free to pontificate on the potential reasons these people would be hunting for these wars, and discuss. For anyone hitting this page after searching for “snake war” in a search engine, please let us know exactly what it is you were hoping to find.

I am an intrigued Eddie.


~ by eddie on October 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “Snake Wars: A New Hope”

  1. I found this blog for “snake war” when what I really sought was gay pornography…
    (get it? witty! come on, you were asking for it…)
    honestly, other than Protestant cage matches and male-on-male pornography, I can’t possibly figure what else the term “snake wars” turns up.

  2. Thanks Kim, and I’m guessing now that we’ve mentioned gay pornography enough times, I’m also going to start getting hits for people who are typing “gay pornography” into search engines. Due to the amount of times we’ve mentioned ‘gay pornography’. Thanks. No more cupcakes for you.

  3. What’s a tomatoe? Is that the fungal toe disease you have? I have so much to learn.

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