Make A Run For The Border

No, my Green Card is still valid, no need to panic. Knowing that some of my fellow bloggers seem to be hungry 24/7, I thought that I should at least advertise the fact that Taco Bell are giving away a free crunchy seasoned beef taco to every person in this fine country today, between 2pm and 5pm. Why? I dunno, something to do with someone stealing a base in the World Series, but who cares, it’s a free taco.

I am hoping that every person in America does go to Taco Bell, as I have a sneaky suspicion that it would be impossible to get 300 million people through their doors in 24 hours, let alone 3 hours in each time-zone, and then they surely can’t have that much ground beef in each store.

I’m going to be busy today, so if someone can pick one up for me, that would be tacoriffic (just say it’s for Eddie, they’ll know me).

~ by eddie on October 30, 2007.

5 Responses to “Make A Run For The Border”

  1. I love Taco Bell. Mmmm, chalupas!

  2. A’Hottie, maybe you’ll be getting tacos and chalupas at your ‘luncheon’…

  3. yo quiero taco bell

  4. you have a freaky desire to upset taco bell… I’m saying right now, their crunchy tacos are delicious and you can’t wish them ill will just because their cinnamon twists are so enticing.

  5. Now Miss Kim, I take offense that you are insinuating some sort of bad will on my part towards Mr T. Bell. I have offered them free advertising on what is one of the most popular blogs in the world. Good for Taco Bell, good for mankind.

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