Crumbling Empire I – Get Out Of Jail Free

So, I thought that I’d start a series of posts about how screwed up the UK is becoming in my absence. I’m not trying to insinuate that it is crumbling because I left… well, actually I am. That is the “Power of the Eddie”. This may become a weekly post, and I think I already have enough material to last us well into the new year if that is the case. Also, I recognize that all governments make stupid decisions, and I’m not attempting to say that the UK is worse than any other country, I just wanted to share the pain. So here we go:

Over the summer, the Labour Government decided to take ‘pro-active’ measures to reduce the growing problem of prison over-crowding.

Build more prisons? No.

Ramp up efforts to prevent crime? No.

Instead, they went with the ingenious plan of releasing over 25,000 inmates 18 days early. Well, um… huh??? Why didn’t I think of that? So simple, and so effective. If we have prison overcrowding, let the prisoners out, and so no more overcrowding. I’m sure the genius behind this idea was very proud of himself. Well, it seems that he wasn’t proud enough, because he went a step further. He decided to give every prisoner who is released early, a £172.24 ($361.09) cash handout the day they are released to “compensate offenders for the fact they will not be receiving the bed and board otherwise provided by prison”. Yes, you heard me correctly – compensating prisoners for being released early. The total cost of this? £4.5 million ($9.4 million) of taxpayers’ money. Oh, and if this wasn’t crazy enough, the prisoners being released are also entitled to have the Government pay their rent for 18 days.

Mind-blowing stupidity and insanity at its finest.

Tune in next week for more incompetency, courtesy of the British Government.


~ by eddie on November 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “Crumbling Empire I – Get Out Of Jail Free”

  1. $361? Sign me up. It’s nice to see America be more rational than someone else in at least one respect. We keep prisoners LONGER than their sentences and charge them rent.

  2. This is a government that has just been at it too long, they have spent so much time cocooned in their own little world, that they have ignored the impact on ordinary people.

    If they were running a business and demonstrated such little foresight, they would have been fired long ago, instead, when they are ousted by the electorate in two years time they can expect 6 months salary and a gold-plated pension plan, whuch was not plundered by Gordon Brown. No wonder they don’t seem to have a clue.

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