Cleanliness Is Above Godliness

It has been a little over 3 weeks since we last discussed toothpaste, and I’m sure you’ll all agree, that’s way too long without an update. The toothpaste posting is second only to snake wars in most hits and comments on this blog. Yes, that does make me sad; war on snakes and night-time toothpaste at the top of the stat blog charts; religion in sports and musical geniuses at the bottom. I guess I’m finding out what my audience is interested in. And so, the toothpaste update:

As you will remember, I wasn’t wowed by the Crest Pro-Health Night toothpaste. Well, I was as wowed as I am with any other toothpaste. It is toothpaste after all. My teeth are no longer radioactive night-lights, but I will admit to trying an experiment: I already had Crest Pro-Health ‘original’ at home, so I decided to use that as my daytime toothpaste, and the ‘Night’ as my night-time paste. Yep, this experiment was as stupid as it sounds, and I really can’t tell you that it helped with the “best. ever.” claim. However, I decided to combine the toothpastes this morning, and it did seem interesting; I actually thought “oooh”, and then, when I realized I was “ooohing” at toothpaste, I giggled at how embarrassed I would be if anyone found out. Oh. Um, yeah.

So, has blogging about toothpaste taught me anything? Yes. It has taught me that lots of people hit my blog by hunting for “best toothpaste” on search engines. Some of these people then provide links to toothpaste review sites, the mere existence of which troubles me dearly. It has taught me that the ADA does not approve Aquafresh as a toothpaste, despite the fact that you could convince the ADA that brushing with cat urine is good for your teeth. And it has taught me that Anonymous Hottie enjoys some disgusting flavoured toothpastes, and seems to be proud to admit it, although she would rather brush her teeth with poprocks.

Yes, you’re right – bottom line is that it has taught me nothing, other than to realize that people would rather read about CVS weirdos getting excited about toothpaste, than Ryan Adams being a musical genius; this adds more ammunition to the argument that the world is going to hell. But at least it is going to hell with a radioactive smile on its face.


~ by eddie on November 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Cleanliness Is Above Godliness”

  1. Dude. Cinnamon-clove toothpaste IS NOT gross.

    And matter-of-fact, I am listening to the Dresden Dolls, not Ryan. Though I am thinking about him . . .

  2. haha this is amazing, now i have to read the other post.

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