The #2 Library

During a recent coffee shop chat, a very important topic was discussed, and it was decided that it would be perfect blog fodder. So I want to talk about literature, but a specific type of literature. The type of literature you have in your bathroom. Now I’m quite aware that there is a division between all people in the world on this one; those who have books/magazines in the bathroom, and those who don’t. To some, the bathroom is like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude – and in the Fortress, you can read whatever magazines or books you feel like, and you know you won’t be disturbed. To others, the bathroom is a sacred zone of cleanliness, where printed matter has no place. So let’s discuss…

Let us first talk about those who are bathroom literate. My first question is, “what type of reading material is acceptable?”. I think I would find it very weird to come across a cooking magazine in someone’s bathroom, and would graciously turn down the meal they were preparing for me. But are there any others? And the next question, and this one can split the bathroom literate into another two groups, is whether the magazine should always remain in the bathroom, only to leave in a sealed trash bag, or can it make its way to other rooms? And once we start moving it to other rooms, it means we can move across to the non-literate bathroom types.

Now, the main argument, I think, that comes from the non-literate bathroomers has something to do with poo molecules. Flushing toilets means that poo molecules go flying around the bathroom, and of course hit the magazines. Well, yes, that does sound disgusting, but doesn’t that mean that the poo molecules are everywhere else in the bathroom too? On the towels, your toothbrush, the taps, the door handle. Even on you. Then you wander downstairs, hug your sweetheart, and wipe all of your poo molecules on them. At least the magazine stayed in the bathroom.

So, I open it to the floor (yes, the floor covered with poo molecules): is the bathroom read acceptable? What do you read, and what should you never read in the Fortress? And how do you deal with the problem of poo molecules?



~ by eddie on November 10, 2007.

4 Responses to “The #2 Library”

  1. Totally acceptable and the materials may move around the house. BUT – put the materials away when guests are over. We all know everybody poops, we just don’t want to think about it. It’s a fact, one of the best ways to stop finding someone attractive is to picture them pooping. Try it. Oh, and guys? Stop leaving Playboys in your bathroom. For reals. It isn’t sexy or provocative. Really. Trust me.

  2. You have really been to guys places who leave Playboys in the bathroom? Seriously? Wow, you move in strange circles.

  3. Dude. I was in a sorority. I hung out with frat boys. Enough said.

  4. i don’t get reading material in general as part of the bathroom decor. unless you get bored while dying your hair and need something besides the back of the L’Oreal box for entertainment. especially for me. i fall in the #2 category of i am a “Push, Squeeze And Wipe” kinda guy. maybe an overshare, but i don’t spend a lot of time in there.

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