Walking To The Movies

Just a very quick Sky Mall update.  You may have seen these “Iwear” glasses; if not, basically they are ‘sunglasses’ that you plug into your portable DVD player and it gives you a ‘virtual’ 44″ TV display. I’ve never tried these, and I’m open to the fact that it may be a pretty cool idea, but this is an example of where I’m going to pick on Sky Mall’s marketing intelligence. Take a quick look at the page advertising this product, and then the detail of the photo:

p5.gif p5x.gif

Yes, this young lady has indeed perfected the skill of watching her favourite movie on the virtual 44″ screen, while at the same time strolling around town with a bag slung over her shoulder and the wind blowing through her hair. How does she do this? I’m wondering if she’s still alive today, or if she stepped out in front of traffic and was squished by a passing truck. The bigger question that springs to mind here is who would allow this photo to be placed in the magazine? Who came up with the idea that she should be walking while being blinded by a 44″ screen? And who stood around and said nothing?

That’s all… Yet more evidence that the world is full of idiots.


~ by eddie on November 15, 2007.

3 Responses to “Walking To The Movies”

  1. Erm, there isn’t really a city behind her. It kinda just looks like a chick walking in front of a photo shoot.

    So poished!

  2. Well, little miss literal, I know that, but they’re obviously trying to show that she’s out for a walk. Maybe they just forgot to put the cityscape behind her because they are a bunch of idiots; the same idiots who think she should be walking with a virtual movie screen stuck to her head.

    So poished back at ya.

  3. Carol Didn’t Sit Down While Watching Her iWear Movie…

    Now She Sits All The Time.

    (if you are confused by this, google Carol and Safety Goggles, then if you have facebook check out the AMAZING group dedicated to Carol)

    or just go here:

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