Random Text Message Conversation

The following text exchange took place Friday evening between some random New Mexico 505 number and Eddie:

505: Hey sexy hill whats going on how have you been

(why is punctuation being wiped off the face of the planet – bring it back, I really miss it)

Eddie: Um. Who is this?


(first, why the caps lock, and second – the punctuation again. You see, I don’t know if ‘THAT HURT HILLIARY” or “THAT HURT, HILLIARY” or if your feelings were the ones that hurt Hilliary – I’m guessing the second one, mainly due to the earlier ‘hill’ comment, which I assume is your abbreviation for Hilliary, and I’m guessing that is supposed to be me. And am I supposed to be IM’ing Sad? Who is Sad? You see what I mean about the importance of punctuation now?)

Eddie: Well, I certainly didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. But the last time I checked, quite recently in fact, I’m not Hilliary, faaaar from being Hilliary

(as I was sending this, impatient 505 sent another message)

505: This is ay what did you do erase my number

(Your name is a grunting noise? OK…)

Eddie: Listen ay, I moved away, changed my name, and even changed sex. Take the hint.

End of conversation. I love random text messages.


~ by eddie on November 17, 2007.

7 Responses to “Random Text Message Conversation”

  1. Hilliary is not a name, it is a topiary.
    Why is late night tv mocking me??? WHY???

  2. poor person, you probably scarred them for life. not really. but it’s mad funny. thus why i don’t really like texting.

    psst. late night tv can’t mock anyone. it’s on reruns.

  3. Hopefully they will be scarred, lack of punctuation is no laughing matter. I know it’s just a text, but would the occasional comma hurt? Especially where it would allow better understanding of the sentence. And his/her name was ‘ay’ – that deserves a little mocking, surely.

  4. Not all late night tv is reruns. And Eddie was informed of the mockeriness and he agreed – the tv was most certainly mocking me. Fucker.

  5. “Fucker” is applied to the tv, not to random Espresso person – that may not have been clear.

  6. Hahahahaaa – ouch, I laughed so hard when I read those comments, A’Hottie. Probably because I have no life, but still… Heheheheee.

  7. i was almost going to respond “i don’t even know her” for comical value. but i did not.
    sad pathetic tv. will it ever learn?

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