Massage Envy

So, at the suggestion of my masseuse, Michelle, today’s massage session was going to concentrate on one half of my body, so she could have more fun with the knots. My back has been a little achy recently, maybe due to slaving away over Thanksgiving Dinner, so I decided that today was the day for my back, and besides, my legs never really ache, despite all of the knots she found there last time.

An hour of absolute bliss later, and I learn another Eddie Life Lesson: Massaging one half of your body leads to massage envy. My legs are pissed. They are showing me what it means to have aching legs, making sure that I can feel every little knot that may be there. So this post goes out to my legs – I promise that it’s your turn next time, just please stop punishing me.

I just hope my legs read this blog.


~ by eddie on November 25, 2007.

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