I Love Booking A Taxi

The Eddie-in-laws left this morning, and as they were leaving at the butt-crack of dawn, I thought I’d be good and book them a taxi. I called the local taxi company last night to arrange the pick-up for 6:30am:

Eddie: Could I book a taxi for tomorrow morning please?
Taxi: No, we don’t book in advance, you ‘ll have to call tomorrow.
Eddie: Um, tomorrow starts in 45 minutes, should I call back then?
Taxi: No. Call in the morning.
Eddie: Will I get a taxi if I call in the morning?
Taxi: If we have any available.
Eddie: Sounds like a good system. I’ll call in the morning.

So, 5:50am alarm goes off, and I fumble for the phone and call again:

Taxi: (Heavy breathing, talking in the background)
Eddie: ???
Taxi: Hello?
Eddie: Hello?
Taxi: (imagine the surliest, least enthusiastic voice possible) Phone number?
Eddie: (and good morning to you too, and what a glorious one it is) 555-GO-EDDIE
Taxi: 123 Eddie’s Place?
Eddie: Yes, that’s the one
Taxi: Where you goin’?
Eddie: To the airport, please.
Taxi: OK
Eddie: But I need the cab at 6.30.
Taxi: (pause) OK, it’ll be there in 15 minutes.
Eddie: Um. But I don’t need it until 6.30
Taxi: Oh, 6.30?
Eddie: Yes please
Taxi: (heavy breathing pause) Can you give me your address again?
Eddie: 123 Eddie’s Place.
Taxi: OK. And it’s for 7 o’clock.
Eddie: Um, no 6.30.
Taxi: Oh, 6.30. (Heavy breathing pause) Can you give me your phone number again, you want a timed cab.
Eddie: 555-GO-EDDIE.
Taxi: So that’s 123 Eddie’s Place?
Eddie: Yes.
Taxi: And you’re going to the airport.
Eddie: Yes.
Taxi: OK, but you want it at 7 o’clock.
Eddie: Um. No, 6.30.
Taxi: Ah yes, 6.30. (Heavy breathing pause) Ok you’re all set, it will be there in 15 minutes.
Eddie: No, I need it at 6:30
Taxi: (Dial Tone)
Eddie: Ah, it’s better than heavy breathing I guess.

The taxi was waiting for us when we strolled out at 6:30am, $3 already on the meter. He was reminded that there is a flat rate to the airport. Meter was switched off. Oh, how I love taxis.

~ by eddie on November 26, 2007.

4 Responses to “I Love Booking A Taxi”

  1. I’m betting that George doesn’t sleep too much.

  2. Um, taxis are dumb. Yes.

  3. that’s effin awesome. in a funny way.

  4. great tips.
    The Toronto Taxi

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