An Apple A Day Keeps Eddie Away

I had a frustrating day today on many levels, and apologies to those who were sucked into it (you know who you are, and I am truly sorry). But one of these frustrations led me on a trip to the mall with a friend, so she could get her Mac repaired at the Apple store’s “Genius Bar”. Now, I’m not a big fan of Macs; I’ll accept that there may be something superior about them, but I don’t want to have to invest the hundreds of hours figuring out everything you need to know to get to the superior level. But that’s not what I want to talk about.

I have another issue with Apple, and it’s the iPod. No, I don’t dislike the iPod, in fact I think it is an awesome piece of machinery that has revolutionized the way we are entertained. They are the ultimate in gadget cool. I just have an issue with my rotten luck when it comes to buying one. A couple of years ago, after I had tried experimenting with lesser imitators, and always running into problems, I decided to buy the beast. I did some research, and ended up getting a 30GB iPod Photo – it was so cool that you could have this colour screen. Mmmhmm, there was a day when that was cool. So I bought the iPod, and then went through the laborious process of adding all of my music to it.

Three days later, Apple announced the launch of their sleeker, cooler Video iPod, for exactly the same price that I had just paid. Bastards. Fuckers. And other such words spewed from my mouth. I was a disgruntled Eddie. I still remember standing outside the Apple store in San Francisco on launch day, seething, with my crappy iPod in hand. But, I carried on enjoying my little (well, slightly pudgy) bundle of joy.

So, while I was in the Apple store today, I had a play with the iPod Touch, and I was incredibly impressed. Yes, it is the iPhone without the phone. So I guess it’s just the i. But it is much slimmer than the iPhone, and I could rapidly hit the video of Crossers on YouTube, and saw him prancing around the living room at my old house. And I hit my blog, as well as Murphy’s Law, and they all looked so cool. Now regular readers will be aware of my recent affinity to the impulse buy, and I will admit that I was close. But then I thought, “The actual iPod part is 16GB? Is that all?”, and then I remembered my luck with these little machines. So I asked one of the geniuses (are they all geniuses, or only those at the bar? And by the way, there is no alcohol served at that bar. Bastards. Fuckers.):

Eddie: “Hi Genius, could you tell me if there is going to a ‘2nd generation’ iPod Touch coming out soon with a memory that isn’t quite so laughable?”
Genius: “I really don’t know. This has only just come out though”
Eddie: “Well, that didn’t stop you with the iPhone now did it?”
Genius: (smirking) “True. But I really don’t know. Not that I’m aware of.”
Eddie: “You lying FUCK. You know exactly what’s going on, so don’t give me that BULLCRAP. You know you’re going to screw me over again, so I’m not buying this until the first day of a decent fucking memory version. Bastard. Fucker.” . . .

OK, so that’s how I wanted to respond, what I actually said was:

Eddie: “OK, thanks, I think I’ll just wait.”

But it is DAMN cool.


~ by eddie on November 29, 2007.

7 Responses to “An Apple A Day Keeps Eddie Away”

  1. As per our gchat, my iPod hates me. I need a new one. That’s all.

  2. And as per our later gchat, take it back to the Apple store and get it replaced. Just in case you needed reminding. That’s all.

  3. The same thing happened with me (iPod Photo then the sleeker version debuted). I was all excited about the Nanos until I realized that the chips that were being used were so small (8 GB flash memory) when the top of the line memory chips at the time had 14 GB of space on them within the same footprint.


    What Apple does is buy up all of the old stuff soon to be obsolete and then launches a “new, revolutionary” product. I mean, the iPhone is not even 3G even though my Razr (also on the AT & T network) performs on AT & T’s 3G network flawlessly.

    I am with you Eddie..damn cool, but laughable memory that will just become obsolete as of the next MacWorld Expo.

  4. My iPod has decided it doesn’t like Ryan Adams. I am going to throw it off of my balcony. Stupid little git.

  5. Worst. iPod. Ever.

  6. i have recently sold my video iPod that i bought from my brother for $100 to someone for $150. it was a 30g. some people are suckers.
    and next week i will be buying a 80g video that my friend will sell me for $100 b/c he got the 120g. so basically i never buy one new.
    eBay saves me $$$ too. just remember: some people are suckers. but yea i’m gonna wait until a 80g touch comes out…in like 2010. haha


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