Chocolate Puppies

I was reading Grace’s recent post about her conversation with her dog following a chocolate raid, and there’s something that I don’t understand. No, not the fact that she was talking to her dog, that makes complete sense to me, but more the ‘chocolate incident’.

Now, back home ‘across the pond’, we used to give our dogs chocolate all the time – entire bars of the stuff. Our family Westie was a chocoholic. Many a day he would go rifling through a delicious bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, or he would devour a few Ferrero Rochers, or of course his favourite, Maltesers. One Christmas he ate an entire box of Maltesers in one day. And he ate half of the actual box too. Now, there was never any poisoning concern; all dogs in the UK eat chocolate.

So what is going on here in the US? Is there some sort of conspiracy theory to deprive our puppies of the chocolicious joys? Do we just not give chocolate earlier enough in puppy’s life here, so when they do break into the Christmas M&M’s, diarrhea ensues because they just aren’t used to the delicacies of choccies? Or is it simply more evidence that Hershey’s is nasty, inferior, crappy chocolate, and is poisoning our pups?

Damn, now I’m craving British chocolate. This is not good for my diet efforts.


~ by eddie on December 3, 2007.

23 Responses to “Chocolate Puppies”

  1. I think some dogs really are just more sensitive, and you don’t know which ones until it is too late. Like with grapes – our Schnauzers used to love them but apparently they are absolutely terrible for pups and cause kidney failure. And I am out of insightful commentary.

  2. Interesting theory A’Hottie, but wrong. Hershey’s is poison. No Hershey’s in the UK, no dead dogs. They live forever. True story.

  3. And American grapes are bad, too???

  4. Don’t sabotage my post with your talk of grapes. This is a chocolate discussion, now take your grapes to someone who cares. Now, chocolate covered grapes we could discuss.

  5. That is gross. Almost as gross as green grape pie, which my grandma makes.

  6. Well, let that be your lesson. No more grape sabotage.

  7. But frozen grapes are very nice.

  8. You’re so lucky that you live too far away to get your ass kicked.

  9. Unless they have seeds, then they are evil. Almost as evil as melon.

  10. So. Much. Trouble.

  11. I also like kiwi. And mangoes are tasty but really not worth the effort of peeling.

  12. *sigh*

  13. RE: Hottie’s Mango comment:

    From someone who knows about mangoes. And chocolate covered grapes are awesome. And British Cadbury’s is pure heaven. And that is all because I cannot stand beginning sentences with the word “And”…

  14. Excuse me everyone. If you’d like me to post a blog about fruit, I’d be quite happy to. “Chocolate Puppies” is the title of this blog, so no more talk of fruit, or links to mango cutters (which I didn’t quite understand as it’s not really removing the skin, is it? Don’t answer that).

    I think I’ll get my Mum to send me some Cadbury’s Heroes for Christmas, then I can use them to celebrate my weight loss and get fat again.

  15. Sorry about the earlier pontification on all things fruity, Eddie. Actually, the key ingredient in “toxic chocolate” is theobromine (part of the same chemical family as caffeine). About 100 mg/kg of theobromine is toxic to dogs (depending on size, weight, and genetic predisposition to theobromine toxicity). Milk chocolate contains the least theobromine and bittersweet chocolate contains the most. 1 oz/lb dog body weight of milk chocolate is considered the toxic dose, all other things being equal; however, 1 oz/9 lbs dog body weight of bitter chocolate would be of the same toxicity. The sweeter the chocolate (or the more dilute the cacao), the less toxic it is. This actually suggests that British chocolate is less like real chocolate than the American version! Go Milton Hershey!

  16. Yes, I’ve read this literature too, but maybe it is only toxic if it isn’t introduced at an early age. And, because you’re new, I’ll let the “real chocolate” comment pass; you obviously got a little excited there. Maybe Hershey’s uses evil cocoa filled with extra theobromine, either that or the awesome taste of Cadbury’s can kill these evil toxins, making British dogs invulnerable.

  17. I think that is so true, blondcounsel: We keep kids away from peanuts at an early age, and wonder why they can’t handle them as adults. Keeping young pups/kids away from everything when they are young can only lead to problems later in life. Get that immune system built up. Nothing like a small dose of poison to make anyone a little stronger.

    Hmmmm. Please don’t poison your puppies. Test it out on your kids first.

  18. Um, I don’t think peanut allergies are a result of not having peanuts when you are young. I mean, I used to eat melon all the time as a kid and only now does it make me very, very itchy. That and penicillin. So if ever you are with me in an emergency situation, please let someone important know that I am not happy when itchy and therefore do not want melon, or penicillin.

  19. Well, it’s my peanut theory and I’m sticking to it. And of course you can develop allergies later in life to things you used to eat, but I just think it can’t be good to shield littl’uns from so much. Antibiotics and constant disinfection are not necessarily the answers to protecting the body, quite the opposite at times.

    And puppies loooove choccies :)

  20. Um, and how often are melons administered in emergency situations?

    Damn, you’ve got me talking about fruit.

  21. You’re both just meanies. It’s a good thing I’ve decided that you are both unshunnable, otherwise there’d be some serious shunning going on right now. But there is not. Because I am nice. Unlike you two. Who are meanies :P

  22. Because you have time to comment on blogs but not to call important people back when they want your sweet potato recipe.

    So HMPH to you.

  23. Um. You guys do have each other’s numbers, right? Yeah. Thought so. But please do continue to use this as a little chat room. I’m actually enjoying it – it’s like a sweet potato soap opera.

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