Abusive Parenting

It’s rare that I go for the serious posts, mainly because nobody who wanders on this blog cares about them, but tough luck, I need to get this off my chest. One of yesterday’s headlines read:

“Obese kids may face heart risks later”

OK, first point: Well, duh. Did it really take a new study to figure that out. Obesity leads to heart disease. Fucking geniuses.

Another linked study was predicting that the life expectancy for Americans will soon drop for the first time since the civil war because of the obesity problem. What a sad state of affairs.

And why is this happening? I’ll tell you – it’s because we’re eliminating the need for people to think for themselves, and not making people responsible for their actions, because we’re too scared to upset the “PC-crowd”. Fuckers. Weird hormonal diseases aside, parents who have obese children are abusing them. The child is the responsibility of their parents, and hence the parents need to take responsibility for the welfare of their child. If the child is suffering from malnutrition, it is considered child abuse. If a 10-year old weighs 300lbs, we blame McDonald’s. Fuck, if you allow a dog to become obese, ASPCA can take it away from you because it is “abuse”. Let’s start to protect children in the same way.

It just seems that it is so easy to blame McDonald’s for this bad parenting; as long as we can pass the blame elsewhere, and remove it from those responsible, people seem to be happy. It’s always more fun blaming the evil corporation than blaming shitty, lazy parenting. I don’t accept the argument that, because McDonald’s is so cheap, it’s the only option for low income families. That is bull-shit. It’s the option for lazy families, especially if it’s putting your children’s health at risk.

Guess what? America has been through some pretty serious periods of economic depression, and obesity was not an issue. It’s called cooking for your family, and it can be much cheaper than feeding a family at McDonald’s. We have allowed a large percentage of society to become lazy fuckers by pushing personal responsibility into the realm of “Let’s Just Blame Somebody Else”.

It’s time to start shifting the responsibility back to individuals, stop making excuses. Feed your kids healthy food, and make them get some fucking exercise. If you can’t be bothered to do this, face the consequences of child abuse laws. The current state of affairs that our society “accepts” is an absolute fucking disgrace.

Eddie rant over. Normal service will resume soon with a SkyMall product . . .


~ by eddie on December 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “Abusive Parenting”

  1. Well I know we already talked about this, but I totally agree. That’s why Murph is on his very strict diet. ‘Cause I love him and I am a fantastic mom. Well, to a dog anyway. Kids are gross.

  2. Yeah, kids are gross. Which is why it annoys me even more, because I feel sorry for obese kids; nobody blames their fucked-up parents, and I don’t want to be thinking about kids. Because they are gross. And dogs are awesome. Especially Crossers and Murph.

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