Biting The Hand That Feeds You

No, Crossers didn’t bite me – well, no more than he usually does. I drove to the post office to pick up some packages that had arrived, then drove back home. Opened the trunk of the car, pulled out the big boxes, managed to hold them with one arm and the side of my head. Reached to the side of the trunk with my other hand to close it, pushing down on the back corner – would have been more successful if I hadn’t left my finger in there.

Oh yes, there was much pain, and there was much cursing. Grateful as I was that my finger was actually still in place, there is still a concern that something is fractured, and the nail is now starting to go black, so I’m wondering whether it might drop off soon. Thoughts?


~ by eddie on December 22, 2007.

7 Responses to “Biting The Hand That Feeds You”

  1. dude! i slammed my finger in a door when i was in 7th grade and it turned black and my nail fell off. it was the coolest thing ever! breaking the bone in your fingertip is REALLY hard to do b/c it flexes a lot. so it’s just a lot of bruising and all. so now once your nail falls off, you can show it and say “look at my cool finger!” and gross some people out as well. basically the awesomeness that follows the pain makes it worth it.

  2. Say goodbye to the nail………it’s not going to be with you for long.

  3. Oooh, so like a gross Xmas party trick? I could also set up a game of ‘find the nail in the mashed potato’. Too far? Yeah, probably.

    GOS, I will say goodbye to it, and I’ll stick it in the mail to you as a belated Xmas pressie. Once I’ve wiped off the mashed potato of course.

  4. I want mashed potatoes . . .

  5. Gee how thoughtful of you, exactly what I wanted for Christmas :-(

  6. Hottie, do you want the mashed potatoes with or without the nail? I’d be more than happy to send it to you instead, as GOS clearly doesn’t seem to be a grateful recipient.

  7. Hmmm, so the nail is still attached – how long does it take for me to lose it, or does this mean I’m in the clear???

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