Pepé Le Pew

Um, so I don’t believe that I have hinted at my dislike of the French in my blog in the past, but I’m English, so I guess it just goes without saying. Now, before I begin, this is all a sweeping generalization – I do know one very nice French person, and I love a lot of French movies, so the likes of Jeunet, Caro, Chomet, and Philibert also get a free pass here. But the rest of the smelly cheese-eating surrender monkeys, I just have a hard time with. So you can imagine my glee at reading this article below while I was doing some research on this year’s Cannes Film Festival:

“Confirming a common prejudice about French personal hygiene, the smoking ban introduced at the start of the year 2008 has apparently revealed an unforeseen problem.

As reported in the French press today, patrons of French bars and night-clubs complain that the smoke-free air in these venues is now filled with the unpleasant bodily odors of other guests, a smell previously hidden by overpowering cigarette fumes.

But solutions seem on their way: Some owners are tackling the issue by lighting scented candles, others by installing automatic perfume machines. Newspapers also give tips on how to avoid unwanted body odors. So the smoking ban might improve both national health *and* hygiene – who would have thought?”

As much as I’m sure this may be a problem in other countries too, it just seemed so fitting to read it about my old sweaty, non-bathing, non-deodorizing neighbours. Vive Le Pew . . .


~ by eddie on January 23, 2008.

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