Things I Learned On Super Bowl Sunday

In no particular order . . .

– Hosting a Super Bowl party is fun, but you end up watching very little of the Super Bowl

– Cleaning up the next morning is not fun, especially when you have to do it alone

– The Pioneer Woman rocks. Check out her website, follow her recipes, and live in the Taste Paradise that she is offering you.

– The quesadilla station is an excellent idea and should feature at more parties.

– The queso recipe she has is absolutely divine, and horrifically unhealthy.

– Never leave queso remains in the crock-pot overnight.

– Guitar Hero III is incredibly cool, but sadly people go to bed way too early on Super Bowl Sunday.

– I’m assuming the writer’s strike is affecting commercials too – were there any good Super Bowl ads?

– Super Bowl squares is fun, but you should pay more attention to your sister-in-law’s ignorance of the rules, and not allow her to pick 21 squares, and hence almost sweep all 4 prizes.

– It’s no fun going to the grocery store for cupcake ingredients. People in the grocery store are a little crazy on a Super Bowl Sunday

– The dieting rule-book allows me to skip a weigh-in the day after Super Bowl Sunday, which is a very good thing as it would have been very demoralizing. A’Hottie confirmed this rule, so it must be true.

– Am I really doing this all again for an Oscar Party?

~ by eddie on February 4, 2008.

6 Responses to “Things I Learned On Super Bowl Sunday”

  1. Double batch is indeed a great idea. Waiting ’til the next morning increased required soakings to three, but the crock pot did survive. Oh, and I used Velveeta 2% – half the fat of regular Velveeta with all the same processed scariness.

  2. Mine did that too – horrifically disturbing behaviour, but oh so scrumptious.

  3. My protein shake dinner was remarkably unsatisfying. Damn that superbowl overindulgence.

  4. Oh, and, if you can get the Oscar people to move the date of the award ceremony, then I can come to your party and eat queso. So get on that.

  5. Yeah, my seven carrots this evening were quite delicious. Mmmhmmm. I think the Velveeta is trying to reform into a block in my lower intestine.

  6. Oooh, so does that mean you’re coming back to see us soon, A’Hottie? I can always TiVo the Oscars and have two parties.

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