The Reflex

I’ve not had a physical for many years, so this morning was my appointment to finally see a doctor in this country, and have a check-up. I was a little concerned about my recent bout of numerous colds and flus, especially as I’ve probably only had 4 or 5 over the last 20 years. Everything went well (pending blood results), but I was concerned about a comment that the student doctor made when she was examining me:

Dr. Kirsten: OK, I’m just going to test your reflexes now.
Eddie: No worries, test away.
Dr. Kirsten: (tap) Ooooh . . . (tap) Wow . . . (tap) You have really great reflexes.
Eddie: Why, thank-you.
Dr. Kirsten: Seriously, we usually only see reflexes like that in young girls.
Eddie: Huh?
Dr. Kirsten: Oh, that’s a compliment, believe me.
Eddie: Riiiiight.

Mmmmhmmm. So, no messing with Eddie and his little girl-like reflexes.


~ by eddie on February 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Reflex”

  1. Not just “youth” in general. But young girls. Um, yes. :P

  2. Nope – she could have said “young boys”, but no. The reflexes of a young girl.

  3. you’re such a girl!!! with amazing reflexes! haha

  4. a “young” girl – let’s get that straight. Older girls must have crappy reflexes.

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