My Eyes Are Bleeding

So my love for has been covered on this blog previously. You know I’m an addict. You know I buy way too much from them, and hence you can guess that I hit the website on a regular basis. Well, I need to admit that something is pissing me off, and Amazon need to quit doing it to me. Every time I visit their homepage, I can’t escape the ugly, hideous behemoth that is this:


. . . The Kindle – “Amazon’s Revolutionary Wireless Reading Device”

Quite possibly the ugliest monstrosity that could have been developed while trying to search for the perfect ‘reader’, for those of us who feel the need to carry 200 books around with us at any given time. Now, I do actually like the idea of a reader, although I’d hate not to have real books, and I couldn’t give a book to a friend to read after I’d finished it unless they had their own reader, but the bottom line is, they are quite cool, and I like my gadgets.

Sony have a very cool reader, but the Kindle? It looks like the offspring of a Commodore 64 and a Betamax VCR, and it has been in the planning for the last 3 years . . . yes, 3 years, and this is all they could come up with? Are you kidding me? And what’s worse, they insist on flogging this dead horse on their homepage every time I go to my beloved Amazon. It kind of makes me throw up a little in my mouth, and that’s no fun.

Amazon, your reader sucks – admit that fact and let it rest in peace along with other horrendously bad designs of our time, otherwise I might never visit your site again.

(you know I’m only kidding about that last part right? Yeah, thought so – see you later…)


~ by eddie on February 12, 2008.

12 Responses to “My Eyes Are Bleeding”

  1. I hope it was a really large coffee, otherwise you would have only damaged a very tiny area. It’s the size of a small country!

  2. Funny how everyone who has it seems to love it. As far as I’m concerned, if the only thing you can come up with is that you don’t like the way it looks, it’s probably okay. The Kindle has so many functional advantages over the Sony Reader it’s not even funny. I guess books, newspapers, magazines, etc. at half the price or less just isn’t appealing to some people.

    As for having it on their homepage (‘flogging a dead horse?’ It’s doing incredibly well in the area of being sold.) that’s the only way they can practicslly advertise to the general public, it’s only available from amazon, unlike iPods.

  3. Thanks for the post MDVP – I think the majority of my post was focused on the ugly nature of this beast, not it’s functional or financial benefits it may have over any other similar product on the market. I also understand that it is Amazon’s baby, so it’s the only place they are selling it, but that does still mean that it sits top and centre of their homepage, and as I mentioned, it’s hideous, hence it annoys me. Just my humble opinion, of course.

    As for “everyone who has it seems to love it”, I’m not so sure about that. On the Kindle’s feedback page on Amazon, around 40% of the reviews give it 3 stars or less, so it certainly isn’t making everyone happy, but each to their own I guess. And also, their ‘books’ are not all half price or less – a handful may be, but looking at a current popular book like Atonement, $7.99 in paperback, %7.96 on Kindle.

    I’m sure Kindle does appeal to some people, I happen to think it looks like an embarrassing joke, hence my post.

  4. It really doesn’t appeal to people like me, the dumb non-readers. Um, yes. Yay Survivor!!!

  5. “I’m not so sure about that. On the Kindle’s feedback page on Amazon, around 40% of the reviews give it 3 stars or less, so it certainly isn’t making everyone happy, but each to their own I guess. And also, their ‘books’ are not all half price or less – a handful may be, but looking at a current popular book like Atonement, $7.99 in paperback, %7.96 on Kindle.”

    1. There’s a lot of people who for some reason had the time to go through all of the negative resviews and they found the overwhelming majority (I think the owners were in the single digits) did not own the Kindle. Not exactly the ideal reviewers.

    2. Paperbacks are cheaper in real life, but most newer hardcovers are about 9.99. Ex., I just finished Duma Key, which is something like 25$, and 10$ on Kindle. Buy a lot of books like that, and it pays for itself in a year. You pay a little more than the paperback, but without the wait, and if you do want to wait, you save three cents.

    But the rest is really a matter of opinion. Sure, it’s not the nicest looking thing, but that’s not what it was designed to be.

  6. Good points, MDVP – I’m sure that the hardback price comparisons are much better than the paperbacks, I just wanted to point out that not all books were half-price or less, in fact most are not.

    And yeah, it’s not the nicest looking thing in the world, and that’s my point I guess – 3 years in design should have produced something a little more pleasing to the eye, and I think it is how these things should be designed. Aesthetics are incredibly important in the ‘tech’ market, as demonstrated by the huge success of the iPod. Right now the Kindle doesn’t have much competition in the ‘download books wirelessly’ reader market, and it looks as though that might have led to them not giving much of a damn about releasing an eyesore.

    No worries though, I’ve now changed my Amazon shortcut to send me immediately to DVDs, and I can navigate around the site without hitting the homepage, and never have to see this thing again.

  7. Eddie: Somebody wasn’t happy about my Kindle post
    A’Hottie: uh oh . . . kindle?
    Eddie: yeah
    A’Hottie: what’s kindle?
    Eddie: you’re not reading my blog???? . . . aaaaaargh
    A’Hottie: i am . . . I didnt know what a kindle was . . . you are british and hard to decipher
    Eddie: :P
    A’Hottie: it could be a sausage for all I know

    And she raises a very good point. Why “Kindle”? Was that discussed for three years too?

  8. Actually, I am thinking it is named Kindle because that’s so close to kindling . . . which is what we would like to use it for. Ooh, bonfire and marshmallows!!!

  9. You are so full of wisdom today, A’Hottie . . .

  10. If you own one, they throw the definition at you most of the time as a screensaver. Something about igniting a fire, which is a metaphor for whatever. Really, where did all these names come from? If you think about it, ‘iPod sounds’ like a high tech vegetable.

  11. Ironic that you were watching pigskin and a commercial about another pigskin came on. Is that not irony? Oh.

  12. Well, wisdomful one, I think I’m resigned to the fact that hijacking is commonplace on my blog, and I guess that if I start posting about sausages, I should know that the only way is downhill . . .

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