I Am An Evil Giraffe . . .

. . . but today I will be a nice giraffe, and let all of my fellow giraffes feast on the leaves of this tree:


Click the poster, enjoy, and be very, very excited.


~ by eddie on March 3, 2008.

4 Responses to “I Am An Evil Giraffe . . .”

  1. he is awesome!
    is he going on tour b/c of the writers strike?
    didn’t get to do The Rieches…or did that get canceled?
    he is so awesome.
    i’m changing my myspace video now.

  2. No, I think he’s been planning the tour for quite some time. I think they are making more episodes of The Riches, when they are filming I’m not sure. He has quite a few gaps in his tour itinerary, so I guess he may be filming at that time. Or getting a manicure. Either or.

  3. Yay us for getting tickets! YAYAYAYAYAYAYYYYYYYYY! Maybe I can shake his hand and then we can be even!

  4. I was soooo excited I almost pee’d my pants. Well, I may have done just a little, but nobody would be able to tell.

    You could shake his hand, and if he didn’t run away from you as if you were a weird freak, you’d be ahead of me.

    And Ticketmaster charges suck arse.

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