No, I didn’t buy a new watch. In fact, I don’t wear a watch, I really don’t understand them in our modern world, but I’ll let that pass for another time and another post.

Instead, to celebrate the upcoming tour of His Highness, Eddie Izzard, I thought I might start a new series of posts called “Eddie-Watch” – I guess you knew what it was going to be called when I gave it away in the title of this post, right? The premise? Well, I will report on all things that have happened recently in the world of Eddie’s, other than myself. Yep, it sounds like an odd premise to me too, but let’s run with it and see what happens.

– Izzard: Yes, as I have repeated waaay too much in the last 24 hours, Eddie Izzard has announced his 34-stop ‘Stripped’ tour, with pre-sale tickets going on sale tomorrow (Wed 5th March) at 10am local time over at the horrifically expensive Ticketmaster that we all love and adore. These are his first major shows since the 2003 ‘Sexie’ tour. I can’t explain how ridiculously exciting this is. Ridiculously.

– van Halen: Seems as though Eddie van Halen has canceled the start of his reunion tour again due to an “undisclosed medical condition”. Odds are obviously on that old bottle called alcohol again, or maybe he needs a hip-replacement-replacement-repl… (wait, how many has he had?).

– The Springer Spaniel: Eddie The Springer Spaniel, who reached the dizzy heights of doggie-fame last year when he was sent to the Algarve to track down Madeleine McCann, is back sniffing for body parts and blood again, this time in Jersey (the island, not ‘New…’). So, how does a dog develop such a keen scent for human blood? All seems a little suspicious to me. Eddie The Killer Springer Spaniel is probably a little more accurate.

I think that’s the major Eddie news for now, so we’ll see how this little experiment goes.


~ by eddie on March 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Eddie-Watch”

  1. i SO look forward to this update, i’m hoping for once-a-week.
    but once-a-month will fulfill my needs.
    i wish i wasn’t poor.
    damn i hate ticketmaster. they will rape me.
    thus i will have to miss E.I. once again.

  2. For the gazillion people hitting this blog looking for the pre-sale password, welcome. Take a look around. We’re very friendly here.

    Oh, you just want the darn password? It’s . . .


    Long Live Eddie (the Izzard one, not me. Although I’d like to live for a long time as well, if it’s not too much trouble)

  3. I haven’t stopped doing a dance since I got my tickets. I’m exhausted, but must.keep.dancing.

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