I Am A Stubborn Dried Vegetable

Is there an employment law that allows me to stay at home and do nothing if my Facebook Chinese Astrology outlook is this sucky?

“Your organism will need a great deal of minerals: eat apricots, pears, dried vegetables and dairy products. You’ll have an opportunity to realize that, even in love, a lack of tact and diplomacy may give rise to serious problems. One might reproach you for being too stubborn, for persisting in your errors. Your relationships with your co-workers will clearly lack cordiality.”

Stay away from water rats today.
(that’s actually pretty good advice for most days, if we’re thinking in more literal terms)

~ by eddie on March 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “I Am A Stubborn Dried Vegetable”

  1. WTF?!
    another stupid facebook application ruining peoples lives!!!
    well i

  2. ***well i guess it did warn you about water rats.
    thank you facebook.

  3. Oh, Facebook Chinese Astrology is far from stupid – usually it is awesome, and quite hilarious. It just has me on a downer today. I’ve purposefully not answered my phone if I knew it was from anyone at the office. I guess that’s what it might have meant by my relationship with co-workers “clearly lack[ing] cordiality”.

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