TiVo – A Love Story

I fell in love with the wonder that is TiVo some 6 or 7 years ago while I was in England.  Moved to the States, and in my first place here, I signed up with DirecTV, and they partnered with TiVo, so we continued our love affair. Since leaving that house, I’ve been in apartments that do not allow satellite dishes, so I’ve been lumped with cable, and the monster known as Comcast.

Now Comcast have their own DVR, and it is the cause of most of the frustration in my life. Let’s compare Comcast DVR to TiVo

Hitting the Fast Forward button on the TiVo remote, you would be greeted with the “b-dup, b-dup, b-dup” that TiVo owners love, your programming would whizz forward, then when you see your show start again, you would hit Play, and TiVo would understand that you needed some reaction time to recognize that your show had started, so it would shift back a little, and magically resume just where you wanted it to. Sooo cute.

Hitting the Fast Forward button on the Comcast remote, it takes a few seconds to wake up, yawns, and then starts racing through the commercials, no sweet noises, just racing. Then you see your show start again, and you hit play. The DVR responds by completely ignoring you – well, it loves the speed, the freedom, the wind blowing through its hair, it just loves to zoom forward. Yeah, I probably didn’t want to watch the 3rd period of my hockey game, it’s fine.

TiVo would occasionally see an upcoming show, and think to itself, “you know, based on the stuff that Eddie usually watches, I think he might like this show – I’m going to record it for him, he’ll love me so much” . . . and of course, I did love you, TiVo.

Comcast DVR doesn’t really give a crap about other shows. In fact, as happened last night, it sometimes thinks to itself, “you know, despite the fact that Eddie wanted me to record Idol tonight, I don’t think I’m going to – I need to go out to the pub, he’ll love me so much” . . . and of course, I don’t love you Comcast DVR – I hate you, hate you so very much.

Comcast are currently testing a DVR upgrade which basically turns their DVR into a TiVo – everything you love about TiVo but sitting in the ugliness of your old DVR box. They are testing this in the Boston market – I haven’t heard much about the tests, whether it still suffers from the same annoying delays, whether it has all of the cool features or not, but I’m excited to try it when it makes its way to me.

Problem is, right now, I’m addicted to the concept of DVR – the time-saving way of watching your favourite shows – I just can’t live without it. It’s a drug, and I refuse to give it up. So I continue to suffer with Comcast DVR, and all of its drunk behaviour.

I Miss You, TiVo . . .


~ by eddie on March 6, 2008.

5 Responses to “TiVo – A Love Story”

  1. I had to give it up for my new satellite. Not having comcast DVR is no fun, either. Now I never know when anything is on and I never watch my old favorite shows and I end up watching things like ‘Free Willy’ which is what I am doing right now. SIGH.

  2. And what’s worse, you don’t even have ‘real’ satellite, just the retarded cousin of satellite.

  3. But it’s free?

  4. What, do you want a prize for being without technology for 2 years? Ironically, I have to give you one . . .

  5. And, A’Hottie, it’s not really free – it’s included in your rent, but I guess you can pretend it’s free. I guess.

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