We The Living

I was honored to see yet another incredible band play at the coffee shop on Saturday night, and I thought I would share the experience with my little corner of the Blogosphere. They are called We The Living, and hail from Wisconsin, although they pretty much just spend the majority of the year touring this fine country so folks like you and me can enjoy their music.

This was their first ever acoustic set, and hopefully won’t be their last as it was quite awesome. Their goal is to share their music, as well as their philosophy, with as many people as they can, hence their hectic touring schedule. They are also pretty passionate about the state of the music industry, and I’d encourage you to spend a few minutes watching this li’l video they made to talk about it (where you’ll also hear and see some WTL in action):

You can also download a copy of the video here

Check out their touring schedule and more tracks on their myspace page, be impressed with their official website, and giggle along at their blog. Go see this band, sit and chill with them after the show and discuss all things philosophical, and all things cupcakes. They are the nicest guys; funny, insightful, and willing to sign pretty much anything for you. Even coffee beans. Yeah, it’s as odd as it sounds.

~ by eddie on March 10, 2008.

9 Responses to “We The Living”

  1. Thanks Enabler – I couldn’t agree more with you, and we have the honour, and I guess the potential future frustration, of watching many bands like this play in our super-tiny coffee shop on a regualr basis. We probably have at least 10 bands a month play here, all of who are generally touring their assess off around the country, and a good handful of who are truly amazing bands and amazing individuals.

    I posted about Bombadil a few weeks back, and will continue to post about bands I get to see here – do my tiny part of getting the word out about these great musicians.

    We The Living were the epitome of everything you would want to see in a band – great individuals, passionate about their music and their beliefs, and incredibly down-to-earth. This is a band that is used to playing in front of pretty large college crowds, that was not only playing in a coffee-shop that could only hold 50 or so people, but not caring one iota that they were only playing to 15 of us, and absolutely loving every minute of it.

  2. And Eddie thinks the lead singer and I would dig each other . . . so that’s worth something in and of itself . . .

  3. And you’d get a song written about you too – how cool would that be? Well, I guess it could be awful if it was a mean song, but he really didn’t seem like a mean type of person, otherwise I wouldn’t be theoretically setting you up with him.

  4. EDDIE! Through the powers of deduction I have learned your secret identity!!!

    Anyway, thanks for the post! Keep listening, and we’ll be in touch for next time we’re around. Take care!

  5. Hahaha – thanks, Matt. I’ll trust that my secret identity is safe in your hands. With great power comes great responsibility. Oh, wait, that’s Spiderman’s spiel. Um, with great wife comes great cupcakes? Yeah, that’ll do for now.

  6. Um, I like songs written about me? I think?

  7. Have you had many songs written about you?

  8. I sing songs about me sometimes. Being drunk facilitates that.

  9. I look forward to you posting some of these songs, AH – sounds quite intriguing.

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