Happy Pi Day

Yes, the day that comes but once a year, where the super-nerds get excited at 1:59pm and 26 seconds. I guess they should really be excited at the ‘am’ version of that, but their Mum’s don’t let them stay up that late.

Why are we celebrating Pi Day here in Eddieland? Well, we’re not really, but it is a great lead into birthdays, and there is a special birthday today in the movie world. No, I’m not interested in Billy Crystal, or Michael Caine celebrating their 60th and 75th birthdays. We are here to wish Wolfgang Peterson a very happy 67th birthday today.

The movie-goers among us might know this man, but I’m sure there will also be a number of confused minds out there. Wolfgang Peterson brought to us, a little piece of celluloid magic, which always brings a huge smile to my face when I see it on TV – just from that it should be obvious that I’m not referring to his 1981 Oscar nominated Das Boot – as great a film as that was, it rarely brings a smile to my face. I’m also not referring to his more recent jaunts into the box office: Troy, Poseidon, Perfect Storm etc, most of which were quite horrible.

No, I am talking about the movie he made immediately after Das Boot, and of course that film is, “Die Unendliche Geschichte” – oh, the happy memories, the innocence, the characters, the . . . what’s that? You’ve never heard of it? Yes you have! OK, it is of course the little known official title of the movie that we all remember as “The Neverending Story”, the movie that introduced us to Bastian, Atreyu, The Childlike Empress, Artax, and of course, the awesome Falkor:


So, Happy Birthday Wolfgang, and thanks for everything you did in 1984 . . .


~ by eddie on March 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “Happy Pi Day”

  1. As a fellow movie lover, Eddie, you might also want to celebrate another milestone. On this date in 1893, Thomas Edison was granted U.S. Pat. No. 493,426 for a motion picture projector.

  2. You’re right, Artful, I could have considered that, but it might have been a more long-winded connection to allow me to post a photo of Falkor, which was obviously my immature goal of this post. But definitely, huge thanks, and a happy anniversary to Mr Edison’s patent too, without which we would never have got to see such an adorable Luck Dragon.

  3. I hope she approves – she loves the Story, and hence should join in with the Wolfgang birthday celebrations. OK, just because I said there were ‘some’ similarities between her and Falkor, but I see that as a positive – Falkor is cute, adorable, awesome . . . OK, there is the issue of the large head, but I don’t believe that I ever mentioned that in the comparisons. And then there’s the thing with the ears . . .

    Hmmm, you’re right, she may not approve.

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