Happy Easter?

I’ll start this post by admitting that I didn’t even know it was Easter this weekend until a friend asked me on Thursday what I was doing for Easter. I thought he was asking about my plans for some time in April, but he advised me that Easter would be arriving much sooner than I thought.

Now, English Easters and American Easters are very different. We both have eggs, but in England, they are big chocolate eggs (like 6-12″ high), and when you crack open the chocolate egg, it is filled with some type of candy – like filled with 6 or 7 fun size snickers etc – all of this is packaged in a fancy cardboard design. And you just get a bunch of these. No hunting required. Well, my Mum used to hide them, but these things are big, so it wasn’t usually too difficult.

The other issue I had this weekend, was with the amount of people asking me what I was doing for the Easter weekend. What should I have been doing? There seemed to be a good deal of family stuff going on, but obviously that’s not going to happen for me. My answer to the numerous people who asked, was that I’d be doing pretty much the same as any other weekend, other than watching more basketball than I would do for the rest of the entire year. Basketball, Penguins, and generally being a lazy ass-hole on the couch for the weekend.

I did also have a haircut, which I was originally very unimpressed with, but I now like it. Which means she was either a genius, or I’ve just been worn down and can’t be bothered to complain about these things anymore.

So, yeah, Easter was uneventful for the ‘Easter’ part of it, but I must admit that it’s my least favourite Day of the year, although generally speaking, the weekend was good. Tried not to think about the frustrations of work that will be coming my way in the next 6 weeks, tried to ignore some of my friends being just plain weird, and was elated that the Pens managed to hand out a 7-1 hammering to the Devils on Saturday.

I didn’t get any eggs though. And I think I’m now in a bad mood. Not sure if that’s because of a lack of eggs, or because of stupid friends.

Stupid Easter.


~ by eddie on March 23, 2008.

10 Responses to “Happy Easter?”

  1. Hm, I have a feeling that I was at least one of the stupid friends, as I was in a funk and was definitely weird. So, there’s that. I don’t like Easter, either. It gives me bad vibes.
    Easter at my house as a child consisted of my mom coming up with riddle clues (like math problems that would end with the age of one of my siblings, who would have the next clue, etc) and I would follow these to my basket that would have candy and some sort of edumacational toy – because we were weird like that. And one year, the year I went to Passover at my Jewish boyfriend’s house (enough fodder for it’s own lengthy post) my mom made both of us baskets and he had his first ever Easter egg hunt. His mom was pretty pissed, but I dare say he enjoyed it more than matzoh-hunting (probably because I won that and embarrassed him in front of his family, oops). So, that’s an AH type of Easter. Oh, we had real egg hunts until we got our Schnauzer, because he generally found them first. There was always at least one egg hidden in with the pool balls in a pocket of the pool table. Always. Not very original.

  2. I’m sure something happened one Easter for me to hate it so much, but I’m guessing that I’ve blocked it from my memory. Or at least that’s my excuse for rapidly losing my memory. AH, yours does sound quite painful, enough to put you off Easter and chocolate (and maybe even edumacation) – nice to know it only put you off one of them. My Mum also found smaller eggs to hide, and you’d see her counting them all when we’d finished hunting, then you’d see the look in her eyes that was just telling you that there were a couple missing, which we’d end up finding months later in some state of decomposition. Oh the Easter memories.

  3. When your friends are eggheads you are never without eggs. So I guess I am confused about your post.

  4. You’re confused about a lot of things, GOS, that’s why you’re my friend.

  5. Considering the substandard quality of American chocolate when compared to British chocolate, you are lucky that you did NOT receive a large American chocolate egg with all the consistency of sawdust.

  6. Ugh. Just the mere thought of that makes me shudder. Hurrah for Cadbury’s.

  7. Is it still Easter? It feels like it.

  8. Doesn’t it just? Does it have an official end date?

  9. Maybe getting rid of all organized religions would help. Yep, I’ll bet it would.

  10. I agree. We could just turn it into Chocolate Day. How awesome would Chocolate Day be? Well, as long as we imported some Cadbury’s, obvs.

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