"Oooh, new sidebar"

. . . is what you might be saying if you were very observant and pretty much had no life. Well, I like my sidebars – go check them out, they’re fun. I’ve had most of them there for a while, just sitting there, trying to help you out, trying to tell you where the latest comments have been posted, and which other blogs you should be reading (which I really need to update). The new one is telling you the popular posts over the past 24-48 hours (I think), so you too can be bemused as to the ongoing popularity of snake wars, and the blogosphere’s fascination with the best. toothpaste. ever. It’s called “What’s Hot . . . (Lava?)” – yes, that was my attempt at being witty – I know, quite hilarious. *sigh*

Or you can just ignore it – it’s a free world after all, I’m only trying to make it that little bit easier. Or more confusing. One or the other. Ooooh, I wonder if there’s a stat-counter, then you could see if you’re in line for a prize for being visitor #10,000.   What was I talking about? Oh, a counter, let me see. Yep, there it is. Woo-hoo . . .

Now, to find what I did with my life.


~ by eddie on March 24, 2008.

16 Responses to “"Oooh, new sidebar"”

  1. It confuses me. The sidebar, and iTunes. Tragic.

  2. I’m sorry I added to your confusion, AH – I did you warn you about that in the post though. Yes, the new sidebar is telling you which posts are being viewed the most, not which ones are getting new comments. That would be the “Cool People Have Spoken” sidebar.

  3. I haven’t created any sidebars that don’t somehow link to Ryan Adams.

  4. There is very little use of a sidebar if it doesn’t link to Ryan.

  5. Well, you should have made the sidebar some time ago, as I’m frequently reading your blog – but my powers of procrastination are strong. The addition of the photos, and your willingness – nay, determination – to poke fun at AH with her sitting next to you, and your dogged attempts to get her drunk enough to run on the field so she would be on the SportsCenter Top 10 plays of the day, only served to further solidify your place on the Sidebar.

  6. I was indeed mustard encrusted. I am a total freak for stadium food. Um, I mocked a small child mercilessly, does that count???

  7. Did your mocking make SportsCenter? If not, then no, it doesn’t count. Drink more beer next time. You were wasting far too much time staring at your radioactive nachos.

  8. I didn’t want to go to jail. Namby said the Rosemont cops were really mean. Do you want me to go to JAIL Eddie?? Do you?!?!?!

  9. IF you would have ended up in jail, it would have been one night max. And just think of the blogging material that would come from that night. Oh, the stories. Oh, the laughter. No?

  10. Oh, AH and her relish generosity – always trying to give, give, give.

    And Enabler – really, no deals necessary, an Eddi- prize promised is a prize that will be received. In fact, I’ve already decided what it will be. Muahahahaha. Oh, and yes, I was wondering what happened to my meme prize. I assumed that I had lost out on a technicality, of which I’m sure there were numerous.

  11. Hmph. You all realize I can see these comments, right?

    No relish for any of you. And I won’t share my nachos, either.

  12. There is no way to contain her relish generosity. It knows no bounds.

  13. Ah, spiderfetus. Hmmm, I never did end up changing the name of my blog, did I? Surprised that AH hasn’t been on my back about that one . . .

  14. Maybe that will be the name of my new blog. Maybe it is, and you all haven’t found it yet. Muhahahahahaha!

  15. Are you calling me fat?

  16. Your last comment took us past the previous record of 31 comments on “Chocolate Puppies”. Which, if memory serves me correctly, did develop into a vegetable discussion forum.

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