Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Employment Law*

*(but were afraid to ask) . . . and for good reason.

It seems that my little blog has now become a source for all things Employment Law in the UK. Yes, if you head across to “UK Employment Law”, they link to all sorts of blog articles; “Reimbursement of Employees’ Expenses”, “Employment At Will And Discrimination”, and of course, my very own legal post, “I Am A Stubborn Dried Vegetable”. I hope the article served people well, and that they feel more enlightened in the field of employment law.

I love this imaginary world I live in. I wonder what I can be next?


~ by eddie on March 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Employment Law*”

  1. I thought I should just add, for those who don’t know, that I do not work in the field of law, I’m not a law student, nor have any legal background, other than being married to someone who does/was/does.

    I am also not an expert on vegetables, fresh or dried.

    But I can be quite stubborn.

  2. I have proof-read a LOT of her work, so you’d think I’d know something. But, nope. Nada.

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