Obsession, Frustration, And How The B-version Needs To Go Away

I am very obsessed with Ryan Adams, and have been for many years. I don’t understand how people don’t see his Genius. I think most of his fans just don’t appreciate the Genius. I love it when I pass on the word, and other people become equally obsessed with his Genius. I follow his blog with an unhealthy obsession, but an obsession based on a thirst for more Genius. He likes to delete his posts on a regular basis. I like to hoard them, I suppose for when inspiration is needed in the future. Seeing him perform live is one of the greatest things to experience. This brings me back to a lot of his fans, they get annoyed with his 17-minute renditions of their favourite 4-minute tidy CD tracks. They jeer, they look bored.

My heart breaks.

I want them all to vanish, to be swallowed up by the ground, and just leave the people who are mesmerized by what they are witnessing. I end up becoming so frustrated with the audience, that I know I’m losing part of the magic. And I know that I can’t get it back again. I want to listen to him as he sits in his NYC apartment, writing, testing new material, playing with his mechanical cat, Hannah, putting together the next pieces of his Genius career.

Yes, I am obsessed.

And so, when a “Ryan Adams” pre-sale password falls into my Inbox, it is with an excitement that cannot be described that I click on the link, and it only serves to crush me with more force when the page loads to this:

Pre-Sale Password

It can be a tough life being so obsessed, but I think it’s worth it . . .

~ by eddie on March 27, 2008.

8 Responses to “Obsession, Frustration, And How The B-version Needs To Go Away”

  1. I could not have put it better! Nice to know I am not the only saddo obsessed with the God!

  2. Welcome to my little place I call blog-home, Grievous Angel, and welcome to the world of obsession too – there are a few regulars here who are in our little Ryan-boat.
    Don’t be a stranger . . .
    (although it’s probably safer for your sanity if you did remain a stranger, but then where’s the fun in sanity?)

  3. Well jump on in the boat with us, Commodore, it’s small, but cozy is good. So we saw him in DC in October – his final encore was a 14-minute version Easy Plateau which was nothing short of heaven for me, the perfect way to end the show. The amount of people I heard when leaving say “He could have easily done 4 songs rather than that self-indulgent instrumental crap” . . . hopefully they will never return to any more of his shows.

    Oh, and I have an audio recording of the entire show from DC. Just saying. Not that I’d be offering it to anyone. That would be wrong. Mmmhmm.

  4. AH insists that I heard a Ryan Adams tune in “Old School,” but I insist that I have never listened to anything composed by the aforementioned god. It sounds like I am missing out. I will listen, but only if AH finally watches either “The Godfather I and II” or the original Star Wars trilogy (she has seen neither).

  5. Well, if you definitely watched it, you would have heard “To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)”, so I would definitely have to agree with my fellow-Ryan-obsessed friend on that one.

    You would have also heard his Genius if you’ve seen “Elizabethtown”, “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Eurotrip”, “Must Love Dogs”, as well as various episodes of “Scrubs”, “The O.C.”, “One Tree Hill”, “ER”, “Cold Case”, “Angel”, “Six Feet Under”, among many others. Not that I’m suggesting that you would have seen all of these. Neither have I. I might be obsessed, but I’m not going to watch “Must Love Dogs” just to hear ‘Dance All Night’, even if it is an awesome song.

    As to AH’s lack of having watched pretty much any great movie ever made, we could have an entire blog based on that travesty. Especially when comparing to the movies she does watch. And yes, AH, I do know that you can read this :P

  6. I am with you! I saw Ryan for the second time last february at UCLA Royce hall and havent listened to anything but his music since… I am totally enveloped in his genius. He’s the man.

  7. Welcome, Lauren. You see, the power of the Genius even brings new people to comment on my blog. He is all powerful . . .

  8. I was so mad at you for posting the password before immediately calling me the moment you got it. Then I was puzzled. I literally went back, re-read the entry, and re-clicked the link before I *got* it. I then went back to bed, as I decided I was a moron.
    I am in a blissful nap-haze and cannot even comment on movie watchinng. Let me just say . . . swoooooooon.

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