Rib Dilemmas

The ribs at Houston’s . . . finger-licking incredible

Not eating all of the ribs . . . insane?

Getting the rest of the ribs boxed to take back to hotel . . . ahhh, now it makes sense

Sitting staring at box of ribs while writing a blog post . . . demonstration of will-power

Finally tucking into the rest of the ribs . . . delectable again, but messy fingers

Grabbing a towel from the bathroom in your hotel to wipe fingers while eating . . . genius

Realizing the towel now looks like you were using the bathroom and ran out of TP . . . deeply disturbing

Leaving the stained towel next to the box of rib-bones in the morning as an attempt to explain what happened . . . reeks of desperation.



~ by eddie on April 10, 2008.

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