Genius . . . Crushed.

All good things come to an end. Well, yes, but that just sucks. And it sucks even more when that good thing is The Genius blog. It might be coincidence that the end of the blog came only hours after I confessed my man-crush, and disputed the Genius’s taste in English tea, but I doubt it. I think I drove him and Foggy away – running away into the big wide world.

Well, so long Genius and Foggy – you will be missed, but I will keep sneaking a peak, just in case you come back to drink more cups of tea, and post funny videos, and give us more glimpses into all things geniusness.


~ by eddie on April 15, 2008.

7 Responses to “Genius . . . Crushed.”

  1. I think I might cry.

  2. Tears of gold,
    Tears of golden restraint,
    As evidence of the pain that she feels.

    Tears of gold
    Tears of gold promise the rapture and heal the soul

    Replacing the tears of gold with music, and laughter


  3. Hmmm, it might have been my fault, yes, but what are the chances? Ooooh, maybe he’s on his way down to see me to drink tea, and teach me how to play the guitar, while watching movies of old. Yeah, I bet that’s it – he’ll be driving along in his Foggymobile, rocking out to some serious Mariah tunez.

  4. I miss foggy.


    (this excitement tempered by the new additions of womenz that he finds hot on his blog. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh)

  6. And also tempered by his BAD hair decisions . . .

  7. It’s been back & now gone again…it’s a total bummer.

    However, if you check out my blog, I have a link to my YouTube channel. On that channel, I uploaded most of Ryan’s Vimeo stuff. If you are in need of a chuckle, I suggest “Writing The Hits”. It’s like Wilco in designer clothes.

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