Ten-Past Wednesday

I have posted a few times on this blog about various SkyMall products – let’s face it, it’s an easy thing to make fun of, and we can all have a laugh and a giggle. While A’Hottie was in town last weekend, we were taking the train back from DC and she started to browse through SkyMall . . . well, actually it was called TravelMall, but that’s because those execs at SkyMall knew that the word ‘Sky’ doesn’t quite fit in with rail travel. They. Is. Smart. . . Anyway, she was going through the magazine, showing me funny products (as well as a remarkable number of products that she actually wanted), and then she came across this:

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, this is indeed a ‘Dayclock’. As the TravelMall spiel goes:

Do you have little trouble keeping track of the hour and even the date, but the day of the week eludes you?”

Um. Huh??? Let me rephrase that a little . . . “Do you have little trouble understanding that it’s 11am, but you’re so fucking stupid that you have NO IDEA whether that means it’s almost half-past Friday and you should be at work, or it’s almost half-past Sunday and you should be suffering from a hangover?”

Now, I understand that society is becoming more stupid at an alarming rate, and I guess it could be argued that the makers of Dayclock are being quite pro-active in tapping into the ‘Moron Market’, but please people, is society really this dumb? I know the answer is “yes”, so you really don’t need to remind me of that. The $40 that people are spending on the worst. clock. ever. is all the evidence I really need. If you are so stupid that you need one of these, one would hope that you also fail in so many other life-skills, that the chance that you ever get on a train or plane are slim enough, and then the understanding of mail-order or online ordering must be verging on the equivalent of rocket-science for you.

So order away for your stupid friends . . . (and no, this is not an invitation to order one for me. I am not stupid, I happen to know that it’s Thursday today. So there. Unless you’re reading this tomorrow, then it’s Friday. Hmm, you could also be reading this at the weekend, in which case it’s Saturday or Sunday. Siiiiigh.)


~ by eddie on April 24, 2008.

5 Responses to “Ten-Past Wednesday”

  1. I am somewhat surprised that this clock didn’t make a cameo in “idiocracy.”
    And I still want fit flops.

  2. OK, I concede that you might need one of these clocks. But as for failing at life, would that not make you dead? In which case I don’t think the clock is going to come in too handy.

  3. That R2 is cool – although, I’m holding out for a voice activated Chewbacca. Now that would be an essential purchase.

  4. But thankfully that clock still has 6 weeks of hockey left. Go Pens!!!

  5. Outed? On my little blog? I just feel so honoured. There needs to be celebrations. Guess that might call for the couch banishment to be lifted though . . .

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