Oh Blue Screen, How I Hate You So

The dreaded blue-screen made its appearance on my laptop yesterday afternoon, and it wouldn’t go away.  My laptop is truly dead.  The hard-drive is being FEDEX’d to my company to see what they can recover from my hard-drive.  The last backup I performed three days ago apparently didn’t work, so I have around 6 weeks of ‘stuff’ that’s up in the air, including all of my photos from Chicago.  I am sad.

So right now, it’s a little bit of borrowing computers, some heavy iPod Touch web-surfing, and Blackberry emails and GChat.

It does mean that I really can’t do very much work though, as I am bound by all the weird programs on my laptop, so I guess I’ll just drink coffee and write insane blog posts.  Yaaaay.

~ by eddie on May 20, 2008.

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