Predictions Of An Unlucky Break

A while back, my Facebook Chinese horoscope told me that I was going to have a pretty suck day. I did, but mainly because I was dreading all day about how sucky the day would be. Neat.

Today, it was incredibly accurate on a number of things:

  • “Your friends will show you kindness and loyalty.” – as always, my friends show me kindness and loyalty, but just recently, I’ve needed lots of it, and it has been delivered without a second thought, even with a surprise “Hi” as I was writing this, when I wasn’t really expecting it. Check.
  • “All contacts and trips will be favored.” – Trip up to the office in New England today to have meetings with one of my main new business contacts. Things going well, if horrendously boring. Check.
  • “At work, your renewed dynamism will allow you to do your job in double quick time.” – ah, nothing beats my dynamism, and I look forward to getting my job done in double-quick time. Check.
  • “You might be vulnerable to insomnia or digestive problems” – have had very little sleep of late, and I had the worst stomach pains the last couple of nights. Check.
  • “. . . on the other hand, important risks of breaking off of femur.” – Wait, WTF??? I’m going to break my leg today? Srsly? That seems incredibly specific, and it sounds as though it’s going to hurt like crazy. I’m assuming that I’ll break it tonight, otherwise I’m not going to get my work done in double-quick time. Can’t you tell me more about this, oh Chinese astrologer??? No? Crap.

Yeah, so I’m watching my step today. Wish me, and my femur, good luck . . .


~ by eddie on June 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Predictions Of An Unlucky Break”

  1. Did it break yet? Um, I mean that in an inquisitive way, not a hopeful way. Yes.

  2. So, I survived the day, femurs both intact, and after an incredible Penguins win, I have yet another night of insomnia. Phew!

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