Blog Hit #10,000 – Winner!

We have a winner! And it is a regular to this little haven of craziness otherwise known as my blog.

While commenting on whether it is correct protocol to eat Bison Burgers before a Colorado football game, A’Hottie generated the 10,000th hit to this blog, and hence she wins herself a prize. I will open it up to the bloggers to suggest an appropriate prize for AH, and then just probably ignore them all.

So, congratualtions again, A’Hottie, and let the suggestions begin . . .


~ by eddie on June 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Blog Hit #10,000 – Winner!”

  1. That’s it. No rum cake recipe for you. Never.

  2. I think the gift for the 10,000th visitor has to be twice as good as the one for the 5,000th. Yep. Only makes sense.

  3. There does seem to be a high degree of logic to that statement, AH, which really makes me question whether it was actually written by you or in fact by an impostor? Regardless, a marvelous idea, Bob.

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