What Is It With The Short Attention Sp . . . Ooooh, A Tiger!

It seems as though people just can’t survive for more than 15 minutes without hearing the sound of their own voice these days.  Even when it’s in a situation where it is frowned upon.

I went to yet another outstanding show at our local coffee shop/bookstore, where Amy LaVere and The Tallest Man On Earth were performing.  Amy plays the upright bass, which in itself is mesmerizing and sexy, but she also plays it damn well, has a great voice, and should really hold an audience entranced.  But there’s just something about society right now, where people can’t keep quiet for an hour-long show.  And I don’t mind the odd comment about the performer, or the song, that’s fine.  But full-volume conversation about your day between 4 people just perplexes me.  The store is only really open for the show, and so it’s the only reason you’re going to be there.  Plus it’s a tiny store – super tiny!  And you know what, when someone is playing an acoustic show, and a free one as they always are here, you think you could just SHUT! THE! FUCK! UP! for an hour while she performs.

Some people are just ignorant fucktards.

Not Amy though, she was awesome – check her out if she comes to a city near you.  The Tallest Man On Earth was also incredibly talented – outstanding guitar-playing, and Dylan-esque vocals.  He rarely plays in the States, and he’s about to head home to his native Sweden, so it was great that we got the opportunity to see him perform.

Anyway, must get back to my tiger.


~ by eddie on June 9, 2008.

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