Dear Mr. Woods . . .

OK, so I’ve hinted at my new dislike for Tiger Woods, and I’ve previously linked to the article where he proved he was a douche, and not the classy sportsman that he’d rather the public believe he was.  In a nutshell, he was asked whether he was rooting for Detroit or Pittsburgh in the Stanley Cup Finals, to which he laughed, then said, “”I don’t really care. Let’s talk about the Dodgers,” laughed again and finished with, “I don’t think anybody really watches hockey any more.”  Nice.  This, of course, after his pal Wayne Gretzky said many wonderful things about Tiger and the ‘sport’ of golf.  The NHL were their usual non-committal selves in their response, but this letter was found discarded in the waste-paper basket at the NHL’s HQ:

Oh, and now it seems as though his Owie is starting to hurt him again – poor widdle Tiger needs another opewation.  All that physical golf is hurting his widdle kneesy-poos.  Tiger, while you’re nursing your stupid knee back to health for the next year, maybe learn a little something about sportsmanship.  Jerk-face.


~ by eddie on June 18, 2008.

8 Responses to “Dear Mr. Woods . . .”

  1. LMAO – Now THAT is funny.

  2. Um. I believe Mr. Woods was being asked about the Stanley Cup Final when he commented that nobody watched hockey. Hence showing that more people were enjoying the hockey he said nobody watched, than were watching the golf.

    You should stick to your “oh be quiet” argument . . .

  3. (this is fun!)

  4. I haven’t denied that the Masters and US Open would get better viewing figures than the NHL. I do however believe that you said that “Tiger draws more ratings than Hockey, Basketball, Baseball and Soccer. Most likely combined.” He does not. Not even in the majors. Not even close!

    And moving onto Tiger’s argument, rather than your own, “nobody really watches hockey”, well, obviously they do.

    Ergo, Tiger is a jerk-face.

  5. Um. So now you are the one comparing the Masters and US Open to a regular season NHL or NBA game? Like for like, pinnacle of the season for each of the sports:

    Masters – 11 million over last 2 days
    Stanley Cup Final – 13 million over last 2 games
    NBA Finals – 34 million over last 2 games
    World Series – 35 million over last 2 games

    So, ignoring the soccer, and going like-for-like, not only does hockey actually beat the golf, but the total is almost 8:1 in the favour of the sports you mentioned.

    And again, you are not a jerk-face, just not quite accurate in your statement.

    Tiger “Nobody watches hockey” Woods is a jerk-face and completely innaccurate in his statement.

  6. Semantics dude – the ‘regular season’ is as much the Masters as it is the playoffs. Find the events that ‘fans’ of a sport most want to watch – the pinnacle of their sporting season, and compare. Golf loses.

    And again, Tiger was asked about the Stanley Cup Final, the event that attracted more viewers than watched him lose in the Masters, and he was a jerk-face about it.

    Tiger = Jerk-face, and the ACL-Gods agree!

    (and I don’t understand why that was irony – unless it’s the strange Alanis Morissette definition, then anything goes)

  7. OK, as the personal insults have started, I shall politely bow out of the discussion.

  8. (and we have waaaaay too much time on our hands!)

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