They Took Her Away . . .

. . . and now I am sad. No, not Amelie, but my 46″ gorgeous LCD TV, with all its high def lusciousness. It was sick, and they couldn’t treat it at home. So now it has gone. For 7-14 business days!!! They could build a new f’ing TV in that time! Easy, Eddie, you want what’s best for her . . .

So I guess it means reading, and going out to explore the world. Ooooh. Or I could try playing Guitar Hero with just the sound, and see how sad I am. Or I guess I could just bring the TV down from upstairs, but I will need help as it weighs three thousandty pounds or something.



~ by eddie on June 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “They Took Her Away . . .”

  1. Whaaat? No loaner TV? Well, at least you will no longer have the annoying “halo” area in the corner of the TV after its repair. I have been sans TV for a week now, and it has been my most productive week for bar review yet.

  2. Nope, no loaner. Said goodbye to her last night by watching “The Host” on Bluray – such a great movie. But I do need a TV by tomorrow night because the NHL Draft starts. I think I have convinced the neighbour to help me move our behemoth of a CRT TV downstairs.

  3. But that means you have to take it back upstairs when she comes back home…

  4. Very true, Artful, but again, that is why I have neighbours I guess! And neighbour in question just came over, and old smaller 32″ CRT is now in place. Although I feel like I’m somehow cheating on my sweetheart. Bad Eddie.

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