Happy "You Got Rid Of The Brits" Day

. . . but we’re back!

Srsly though, Happy July 4th to one and all.  I am having one of my birthday parties today,  and it should be a fun afternoon and evening, with the fireworks over the Harbor to celebrate my birthday the independence of this fine country.

And, on the off-chance that you needed evidence of why it was a good thing that you got rid of people like me, I need to share a story with you:  Yesterday, I was driving down to DC to go see some golf at the first day of the AT&T Invitational at Congressional.  I had plugged my iPod into it’s car jack, but was listening to some hockey news first.  After about 10 minutes, it was time to blast out the new Coldplay album (which is seriously outstanding, btw), so I hit play on my iPod (which was already on the album from the last time I was blasting it out), and hit my XM/Aux button to switch to Auxillary.

“I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing . . .” – ahhh, perfection, but I wanted to listen to it from the beginning.  So I hit the ‘back’ icon on the screen, and . . . “Roman cavalry choirs are singing . . .” – nothing.  Hmmm, maybe I missed it because I was driving and attempting to navigate my iPod Touch at the same time (hey at least I wasn’t live blogging or texting or IMing. Um. Which I have also done before.  Yeah, I know, I’m bad).  I made sure next time that I was definitely touching the correct button – it even lit up, but the song just kept going.  OK, so the song is either possessed, or I’ve broken my damn iPod Touch, probably from a few weeks ago when I repeatedly slammed the trunk of the car on it (oh, I didn’t tell you that story?  Mmhmm, you’ll start seeing a pattern soon).  It was at this point that I noticed the car’s display was showing ‘Viva La Vida’.  “Funny”, I thought I said out-loud to for no reason because I was in the car on my own, “I didn’t think that the iPod was so integrated with the car.”

It was around this time that I realized what an idiot I was (. . . on this particular occasion – I am actually reminded of the fact many times each day).  Hitting the XM/Aux button had taken it to the second set of XM presets, and it just happened to be playing the very song I was about to listen to on my iPod.  Oh, how we all laughed.  Well, by “all”, I mean just myself – people driving by me were also laughing, and pointing, but I’m not sure why.

Yep . . .  I. Is. Idiot.

Happy 4th July!!!

~ by eddie on July 4, 2008.

One Response to “Happy "You Got Rid Of The Brits" Day”

  1. Well, Lanny, it’s good to know that us dumb Brits might have left a little bit of dumb behind. Well, there’s actually a lot of dumb here, but sadly, most of it isn’t the fun dumb.

    And thanks for the Birthday FORTNIGHT wishes – I keep forgetting that ‘fortnight’ isn’t a word used here too much. That would be two weeks of celebrations! Yaaaay!

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