Happy Birthday Meeeeee!

Today has been, and will continue to be my birthday.  So far, work is doing its best to make it suck – oh how I love the incompetency of others.  But whatever, it’s my birthday, and the start of the 2nd week of Eddie’s Birthday Fortnight, so I think we’re going out tonight for further celebrations; dinner, drinks, fun and frivolity.  Well as much fun and frivolity as is possible on a Tuesday night in Baltimore . . .



~ by eddie on July 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Meeeeee!”

  1. Oooooh, Lanny, I like your time zone! I did have a great evening (ignoring the fucktards I work with). We ended up going Duck-Pin Bowling, which is so much fun, so difficult, and so very East-Coast. I may blog more about that tomorrow if work doesn’t screw me over again!

  2. Hahahaha – sounds like you have a lot to catch up on, BC – makes my ‘to-do list’ seem quite manageable! Also though, because we write dates differently in England, I think I might be able to sneak in another birthday on 8/7/08 too, seeing as that’s what it says on my British drivers license. Yaaay more birthdays!

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