. . . And Now She’s Back

Twenty days ago, they took away my beautiful LCD TV to go to the LCD Hospital, and I know you were concerned. Thanks to those of you who sent me ‘Hang In There’ greetings cards. Well, she was released from hospital today, and so far she looks as good as the first day I ever met her. There was a slight scare when I couldn’t remember the safe place that I left her power cable, but finally I figured out that I didn’t put it anywhere, and it was mushed up with all the other cables behind the TV cabinet.

We are celebrating with Movie/Pizza night on Thursday, probably going to watch the BluRay version of Kung Fu Hustle – it’s an amazing movie if you’ve not seen it before, like a mix between Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Looney Tunes. Looking forward to watching it in 46″ hi-def blu-ray awesomeness. And our take’n’bake pizza place is also divine. Yaaaaay!


~ by eddie on July 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “. . . And Now She’s Back”

  1. Oh, Lanny, the magical power of the greatest sport on earth – you can run, but you can’t hide. And if you try to hide, you’ll be checked from behind, before the gloves are dropped, and then there will be some serious roughing. Or something like that.

    It thrills me that hockey is taking on a supernatural power, long may it continue! I look forward to hearing the reports of Linus’s first shouts of “Fight, Fight, Fight!”

  2. Sliding into furniture is good, she’s probably just pretending that they are the defense, a little body-check and she’s in the clear. Certainly beats Plunger Golf, although I probably shouldn’t say that until I’ve tried it . . .

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