Dr. Eddielove Or: How I Learned To Start Worrying And Hate Technology

“Hate” is a very strong word, and one that I’m really not feeling towards technology, it’s just that over the last 10 days or so, technology turned its back on me and did a runner.  The shopping list of technological disasters:

  • My Beautiful Laundrette: The tumble dryer expired and went to meet its maker.  Apparently some of the detergent that was sitting on top of it made its way to the circuit board and blew it up.  This is really at no cost to me, it belongs to the landlord, but it has turned our beautiful apartment into something resembling a Chinese Laundromat.  Cost to repair, somewhere around $400.
  • Fahrenheit 451: The meat thermometer apparently doesn’t like being left out in a rainstorm.  Who’d have thunk it?  It is now deaded.  Cost to replace, $30.
  • The Vanishing: My back-up hard-drive, which is only “back-up” by name since my company decided that I could no longer keep all of my media on my laptop, vanished last week.  A total of about 20 hours of searching and it remained lost.  Concerns that it may have been lost during the Clean-Up before my birthday party, or, perish the thought, swiped during aforementioned party.  All of my music, photos, movies . . . GONE!  I did well not to freak out.  After returning from our Chicago trip, I went to get something out of the computer desk drawer, and there, in full sight to the world, was the hard-drive.  The same drawer that I had looked in at least 10 times.  I have no explanation, just relief.  Potential cost to replace – $Thousands.  Actual cost – $0
  • The Grapes Of Wrath: As many of you know, I am ‘mildly’ addicted to my Blackberry, or ‘Crackberry’ as it is affectionately called by the masses who know its powers.  First night in Chicago this weekend, and we are sitting out on a rooftop deck downtown, having a few drinks, and talking nonsense.  By the end of the night, it was time to clean up, and the wind was also picking up.  Then it all happened so fast – a gust of wind blew a plastic cup all the way across the table, perfectly upright.  Until it reached my phone, when it came to a halt, but the momentum caused it to fall, entering its contents of red wine directly onto my Blackberry.  Emergency resuscitation proved to be futile, as BB rapidly slipped into a comatose state.  Where it still lies today – there are occasional flickers of life, but I’ve faced the fact that it will never quite be the same again.  I attempted radical emergency surgery yesterday, and it came back to life.  But only briefly – 5 minutes or so.  But enough time for me to say my final farewells.  And I am still without a replacement because my company is So. Efficient.  
  • The Sound Of Music:  July 11th brought us the new iPod Touch software, and there were many problems early on downloading it.  So I waited.  Then today, I thought I’d give it a shot.  Things went smoothly, until, mid-upgrade, iTunes told me it was having a nervous breakdown and needed to be restarted.  This upset the iTouch.  I needed to restart that too.  Then when things came back online, and it had deleted all of my songs, it attempted to upload them again from my newly found hard-drive.  Things went well until a little Windows task-bar error popped up to tell me that it had deleted files from my F:Drive.  A look in My Documents told me that everything on my F: drive had been deleted.  I was close to tears.  After finding my hard-drive, I now lose all of my data?  I pulled out the USB cable in horror, then wondered what would happen if I plugged it back in.  They’d magically return, right?  Um. Actually, yes – they did.  I have no explanation, but my iTouch is now a happy 2.0 camper, and life is good again.  Cost to me: $10 for the upgrade.

So, many calamities, but also turnarounds.  And I got my TV back, and found the power cable.  So, yeah, I still love you, Technology – just don’t be so mean to me in future . . .


~ by eddie on July 16, 2008.

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