The Great S’minkie Experiment

What do you get when you cross Graham Crackers, Starbucks milk chocolate, and Hostess Twinkies? Well, being a S’more made with a Twinkie, you obviously get a “S’minkie”. Inspired by an article sent to us this morning, A’Hottie and I decided that we really needed to make ourselves a couple of S’minkies, and of course, we recorded the proceedings as we like to do. So here we go, myself and guest vlogger, A’Hottie, show you how to make a S’minkie . . .

First off, the ingredients:

Next comes the all important surgical preparation:

Let’s see how it cooks:

And now the skillful creation of the finished product. Ok, when I say “skillful”, I mean . . .

So, you don’t get to see the taste test, due the anonymity and all that fun stuff, but all I can say is – “I can not confirm or deny whether the S’minkie was or was not freaking awesome”. Yep, the amendment to “The Twinkie Defense” is now “The S’minkie Defense.”

Oh, and you think that was exciting? Well, coming soon to this very blog, the awesomness that is the Egg Muffin maker. Oh yes. And it is truly amazing.


~ by eddie on September 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Great S’minkie Experiment”

  1. How has no one yet commented on how awesome this is?


  2. It is a travesty of blog commenting. We live in a strange world, AH. A very strange world. I mean, I was waiting for a call from the Academy. This has to be better than any other short documentaries out there? Right?

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