Worst. Day-Trip. Ever.*

Take a look into A Day In The Life Of Eddie – not an average day, but tomorrow’s day:

3:45am – Alarm goes off to wake me up

4:00 – Hopefully after the third snooze I decide that I really should wake up

4:40 – Step outside, looking like crap, and wonder if taxis randomly drive around at this hour.  Hopefully the answer is yes, and I get into one.

5:00 – Arrive at airport

5:05 – Arrive at gate after getting through security in 7.3 seconds, and wonder why I just didn’t stay in bed an extra 30 minutes.

5:45 – Board flight

6:25 – Attempt to stay awake by reading “Soon I Will Be Invincible” and eating Southwest peanuts for breakfast

6:27 – Fall Asleep

7:20 – Wake up screaming becuase the plane just crashed, but then realize that we have in fact just landed.  Wonder if anyone didn’t actually hear me being an idiot.

8:00 – Get picked up by fellow employee who is a complete moron.

9:00 to 17:00 – Spend time with customers who have no idea what I’m doing there, and no idea about our product due to aforementioned moron’s utter ineptitude.

17:30 – Arrive back at Nashville airport

19:25 – Repeat steps from 5:45 to 7:20

21:00 – Arrive home, in desperate need of a beer and friendly faces.

02:00 – Finally fall asleep, because despite being exhasuted, the magic of insomnia will hit me.

07:00 – Wake up, pretend the previous day never happened, and start to get excited for the Buffs game on ESPN in the evening.

Yippeeeeeee.  Can’t wait.  Siiiiiiiigh.

* I’m aware that there must be worse day-trips than this.  Like heading to a Creationist Theme Park, or returning to Sioux Falls.  But it’s still a pretty bad day.

~ by eddie on September 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Worst. Day-Trip. Ever.*”

  1. OMG we are *so* going to the creationist museum. And bringing Twinkies. And mocking people. Yes.

  2. Sounds like we could convince them that life originated from Twinkies. Makes more sense than what they already believe. Seriously, women were created from a McRib? Do they not realize that McDonald’s has only been around for 68 years???

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