Need I Say More?

Road-trip.  Tuesday.  To Cleveland.  To see Ryan Adams.




~ by eddie on September 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Need I Say More?”

  1. Hi Eddie,

    Thanks for your comment. Was surprised to see you! Well, re. Ryan Adams, let’s just say I’m keeping an open mind. Not quite ready to explore other parts of his catalogue just yet. I want to see what his writing’s like first. Then we’ll see.

    Pretty cool blog here.

    How the heck did you find me?

  2. Hi Mieze – I really enjoyed what you had to say actually. It’s interesting to read a perspective from someone who has appreciated his music, albeit a small amount, but not to the extent of being swept along by everything else he has done. It allows you to stand back and look objectively at the criticism, the fans, the hype, and the man.

    I hope you do enjoy his writing when it’s released – I’m looking forward to it, and as you mentioned, Akashic tend to know good things when they see it, so here’s hoping.

    And I found you because I just love to wander around Swiss blogs, and there you were! Or something like that.

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