Law And Magic

While I work, the TV is generally on in the background, partly as some white noise for me, but also for the puppies so they don’t bark at every person who walks past the front door.  It’s often similar things that are on; hockey talk shows, hockey games, documentaries, nature stuff, movies, and more recently, thanks to A’Hottie, Law & Order.

It’s the latter one that manages to cause confusion every day.  I’m paying scant attention, but I’m getting the background gist of what’s happening, and then all of a sudden they start to use magic as evidence.  I get perplexed.  Then I realize that Charmed has been on for the past 20 minutes without me knowing, and I feel like a fool.  Well, more of a fool than usual.

Although some sort of spin-off between the two would be quite interesting.  OK, it would really suck, but it would make me much less confused every afternoon.  I need to get out more.


~ by eddie on December 11, 2008.

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