The 99 Rule

I Facebook. Is it a verb yet?  Maybe, it matters not.  Most of us now seem to Facebook too.  There is a degree of Facebook etiquette to learn, some are good at it, others aren’t.  Then there is also the issue of friends.  Some people have thousands, some have a few.  Some people ‘friend’ anyone they remotely know, others don’t.  

I have made the decision to go with the 99 rule, which basically means that I can’t have more than 99 friends.  My reasoning behind this is that as much as I know lots more than 99 people, I’m really not that interested in what they’re doing every 8 minutes of the day, or to keep rejecting their requests to throw snowballs at me.  The other big reason for doing this is that theoretically you will end up with 99 freaking awesome friends, and I really don’t need any more than that.  I only have a handful right now, so 99 would be almost suffocating.  

When I first decided to do this, I had to ‘purge’ a number of friends as I was well over the 99.  And it felt good.  The only problem is figuring out how to pick the ones who don’t make the cut.  It was easy for those – anyone who I had never seen a single update from, or if I had never heard from, were obviously not worth taking up the 99, and were probably just using Facebook for stalking purposes.  I’m back up to 101 this weekend, so I’m about to head over to the list and purge a couple.  If you’re reading this blog, it’s unlikely to be you, because it shows that you put up with a lot of inane shit that spews from my mind, so it makes you a good friend.  Or mildly retarded.  Either works.  If it is you, then I apologize.  Well, I don’t, because it means that you’ve not said a word to me in the past year, although I’m sure you can find someone who just loves to have 1,254 friends, and be special in their life instead.

~ by eddie on December 13, 2008.

10 Responses to “The 99 Rule”

  1. 1,254 is such a specific number Eddie, is that how many you had before the original purge? That sounds almost like a Biblical event “The Original Purge” watch out ancient Egyptians!

    I have a lowly 30-something, but that is fine with me, but I know exactly what you mean :)

  2. I like specific numbers, Danielle, even if they are some random figment of my imagination. It does feel a little biblical, although I don’t know any Egyptians, young, old, or ancient, so they should be safe for now.

  3. This is awesome. I’m on the verge of breaking down regarding having a facebook account and if I ever do, I’m going to use this. Thank you.

  4. I am at 120 and it is stifling.

  5. I’m glad you like the advice, Emily, and it might even help you enjoy FB that little bit more too. Bite the bullet and go for it!

    A’Hottie – one word for you: Watermelon. No, wait, that was about something else. Oh yeah: Puuuurge.

  6. facebooking is a verb/adverb. like “we were facebooking each other”. also, dont diss the snowball war, cause i know i invited you! ;)

  7. Yes, K-Rod, the snowball comment was aimed at you. And nice name by the way, I like it!

  8. As a public service, I feel I should inform your readers that you do not follow your own rule. It’s quite shameful actually. I think the only honest thing to do is remove this post, because, and I quote (air quotes and all): “I can’t have more than 99 friends.” What say you, liar with pants on fire? Too harsh? Not sorry. xx

  9. Well, things need to pass through a committee to decide who goes, or if there needs to be an update to the numbers. The committee decides who I’ve heard from recently, who is starting to become a pain in the ass etc, and then decides who to cut. Just sayin’.

    Thanks for your ongoing interest K-Rod, and your feedback is, as always, quite annoying.

  10. hmph. fine. mouth. shut.

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